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Quick and easy weeknight meals

you only need 15 minutes from kitchen to table to make fresh tasty meals if you know what you’re doing. Try these meal ideas with maximum health and taste, and minimum fuss.

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Helping to manage the fears of childbirth

Is your approaching due date leaving you fearful? Naturopath (and mum) Stephanie Hamilton discusses the fear that many mums-to-be can feel in the lead up to childbirth and gives some helpful tips to lead you to feeling excited and prepared.

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What to expect when your wife's expecting

Women are not the only ones who go through a lot of changes during pregnancy. Personal trainer and dad Andrew Cate looks at the challenges an expectant father might face.

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Why you’re never too old (or too young) to play games

I’ve always been a big advocate of people staying mentally active, and challenging our brain – especially as we age.

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Kids and scheduling – how much is too much?

Extra curricula activities are generally a plus for children’s health and wellbeing but there are questions parents should ask before signing their kids up to anything and everything.

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How much should you share online?

Last night I posted a comment online that might be controversial. My remarks were in response to an old school friend’s Facebook share of a video of him dancing with his four year-old son.

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The art of Vedic Meditation

Gary Gorrow teaches everyone from celebrities to grandparents the art of Vedic Mediation. So what is this technique that people are flocking in droves to learn? We chat with him to find out.

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Mastering meditation – part two: finding the funk

After many years of being successful at meditation as gelato in 40-degree heat – as in, not at all – I finally found inspiration a few months ago

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What’s your health age?

Is age alone enough to indicate how well you are? More often than not 2 people of the same age look-and feel- many years apart.

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How to prepare your home for a new baby

Preparing for the homecoming of a child is a wonderful albeit stressful time. Find out the do's and don’ts when preparing to bring your new baby home.

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