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Less XX on my face next year Zoe

To get rid of my Anxiety Jean

To Help and be Helped! Shane Rose

Be healthy & cheerful :) Cindy

Jessica Jessica

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In our communities you can chat to other members about health issues, share your wellbeing success stories and get helpful advice.

Cold, Flu, Allergies & Immunity

11,912 members, 8 recent groups
Cold, Flu, Allergies

Discover how you can manage and prevent colds, flu and allergies the natural way in the Blackmores Cold, Flu, Allergies & Immunity Community.

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Cold, Flu, Allergies & ImmunityCold, Flu, Allergies & Immunity


10,982 members, 6 recent groups

In the Blackmores Digestion Community you can find natural solutions for managing your digestive issues and chat to others who are looking to maintain their digestive health.

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Fitness & Energy

18,320 members, 14 recent groups

Whether you're a fitness fanatic or have just begun on your exercise journey, you'll find plenty of information and advice in the Blackmores Fitness & Energy Community.

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Fitness & EnergyFitness & Energy

Healthy Ageing

10,548 members, 11 recent groups
Healthy Ageing

The Blackmores Healthy Ageing Community is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the over-50s.

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Healthy AgeingHealthy Ageing

Men's Health

29,194 members, 6 recent groups
Men's Health

The Blackmores Men's Health Community is for men who want to know more about their health and maintain a healthy way of life.

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Men's HealthMen's Health

Parenting & Children's Health

7,768 members, 7 recent groups

Discuss the health and nutrition of your children and share parenting advice in the Blackmores Parenting & Children's Health Community.

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Parenting & Children's HealthParenting & Children's Health

Pregnancy & Preconception

5,527 members, 10 recent groups

Are you pregnant or trying to be? In the Blackmores Pregnancy & Preconception Community you can get advice about all stages of your pregnancy.

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Pregnancy & PreconceptionPregnancy & Preconception

Sleep, Stress and Your Mind

14,869 members, 9 recent groups
Sleep, Stress and Your Mind

In the Blackmores Sleep, Stress & Your Mind Community discover natural ways to find calm, get a restful night's sleep and improve mental performance.

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Sleep, Stress and Your MindSleep, Stress and Your Mind

Weight Management

16,102 members, 13 recent groups
Weight Management

Maintaining an ideal body weight isn't always easy. The Blackmores Weight Management Community is for those interested in natural ways to manage their weight.

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Weight ManagementWeight Management

Women's Health

57,047 members, 14 recent groups
Women's Health

Share tips about health, beauty and nutrition, read advice about secret women's business and discuss issues that affect all women in the Blackmores Women's Health Community.

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Women's HealthWomen's Health
Communities Overview Cold, Flu, Allergies & Immunity Digestion Fitness & Energy Healthy Ageing Men's Health Parenting & Children's Health Pregnancy & Preconception Sleep, Stress and Your Mind Weight Management Women's Health

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Other people's goals

Less XX on my face next year

posted 3 days ago.

To get rid of my Anxiety

posted 3 days ago.

To Help and be Helped!
Shane Rose

posted 5 days ago.

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