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Healthy Ageing > Back Pain

Natural anti-inflammatory? 31 Posts

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Jason                         Jason
Jason | Posted on 21 February 2010

Hi - anyone know of any natural supplements that act as an anti-inflammatory - I have a prolapsed disc and the OTC drugs are pretty heavy going...

Maxine                        Maxine
Maxine | Posted on 18 March 2010

Hi Jason, I have been drinking GoChi which helps in this area. My mum had really bad arthritis and it has helped her immensely. A new product on the market just last week is 'Jule of the Orient' which also contains GoChi and a lot more.

Kate                          Kate
Kate | Posted on 16 September 2010

Hi Jason- there's a great article in our learning centre about a herb called Devil's claw that you may find helpful. You can find it by copying and pasting the following link into your

Jacqueline                    Jacqueline
Jacqueline | Posted on 25 September 2012

Take Ion Phosphate from Blackmores celloid minerals IP (inflammation remover)

Nikolaus                      Nikolaus
Nikolaus | Posted on 06 October 2013

Hi I have a similar problem and have had spinal fusions on my back I have found that celery tablets work well but you need to take them twice a day and you won't notice much change for about 1 month but after that once there in your system I have found great relief and since found myself doing things I haven't done in a long time. They work well but have patience as it's takes a while to get working but worth the wait

Leonardo                      Leonardo
Leonardo | Posted on 06 November 2013

As Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
(Organic-non GM ingredients) Sea weed such as: Kelp-kombu, wakame, and arame. Spices and herbs/teas such as: Turmeric, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, clove, basil, oregano, thyme , peppermint, chamomile, lemongrass, green tea, comfrey root, arnica, nutmeg, and dill. Fat rich deep/cold ocean fish such as: Salmon-sardines-mackerel-anchovies etc. Some seeds/nuts such as flax, walnuts, almonds, chia, and sunflowers. Mushrooms such as: Shitake-maitake, enoki, and oyster. Vegetables such as: Broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, fennel, sweet potatoes, spinach,. Fruits such as blueberry, papaya, cranberry, cherries, strawberry, coconut, raspberry, avocado, apples, and pineapple, lemon, tangerines. Oils such as: Virgin cold pressed olive, hemp, eucalyptus, bergamot, rose, rosehip , geranium, lavender, ledum, palosanto and copaiba. Avoid sugars fried foods, trans fats, dairy, too much animal protein (Red and processed especially), too much alcohol or coffee, artificial additives, and refined foods drink lots of pure water and use only sea or rock salt. I have found positive results using additionally Comfrey root and Arnica gel. Hope it helps. Leo

Martin                        Martin
Martin | Posted on 30 April 2014

I came across this post and thought you might be interested in a product called 'Lyprinol' which you can buy at Blackmores. It comprises a rare combination of lipid groups and unique Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which has been shown through independent clinical research to be an extremely potent natural anti-inflammatory. For more information visit their website

Simon                         Simon
Simon | Posted on 22 February 2010

I have a friend who has been on OTC medication for many years and has had serious joint issues. He recently tried the combination of concentrated fish oils and green lipid mussel extract. He's had really positive results.

Michelle                      Michelle
Michelle | Posted on 18 March 2010

My husband had a back injury resulting in lower back disc problem (sorry to be vague here). He had a cortisone injection about 20 years ago to settle it down when he stirred the problem up playing indoor cricket. He plays golf and he was taking OTC medication as it too began to cause pain. Now he take fish oil (the recommended dosage) and he has no pain from the constant golf he plays. I am very envious as I have severe arthritis and I wish I find something to work so well for me.

Michael                       Michael
Michael | Posted on 18 March 2010

I have both problems my L3 disk is collapsed & requires constant chiro attention to maintain me pain free. But for the last 4 months I have been suffering chronic OA in hands, shoulders & hips that did not respond to anything I tried... my bro told me about magnetic therapy so at the risk I spent $330 for a por wool magnetic underlay and have spent every blessed night for the past 2 weeks asleep! Its heaven!! and I also got a tiny magnet for my wrists that I tape on all day. Magnetic therapy has given me a new life - but I cant say if it will work for you - I guess you have to try it. Best of luck

Jacqueline                    Jacqueline
Jacqueline | Posted on 25 September 2012

Hi Michelle,

I have heard of many people who no longer have arthritis after eating raw foods for a period of time. Not easy to do but there are delicious recipes out there. You have to make sure you have enough protein, good fats and take a supplement of B12 and VitD when eating raw. Lots of greens (smoothies or juices). You can also buy books online from people who have eaten raw for years and they tell you how to transition to raw.

Liz                           Liz
Liz | Posted on 29 September 2010

Hi, Last week I was "throwing hoops" with my grandson. Next day my back was extremely sore. It's now 6 days later and I can hardly move. HELP. Have sat with a heat pad, taken prescribed codral forte etc. Get relief for short periods. As I take blood pressure medication, cannot take anti inflamatary tabs. Is there anything else I can take?

Kate                          Kate
Kate | Posted on 30 September 2010

Hi Liz,

I’m Kate a Blackmores naturopath. I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering at the moment. For some personalised advice you’re welcome to call our Advisory naturopaths on 1800 803 760. We can make some suggestions for relief of your back pain and check that there won’t be any concerns regarding your current medication.

You may also like to consider seeing a physiotherapist, remedial massage therapist or acupuncturist to help get you moving again.

Diane                         Diane
Diane | Posted on 17 June 2011

Hi Jason
There is a product called Nopalea that is TGA listed. It contains natural anti-inflammatories and I've had brilliant results from it. It is a juice from a cactus that grows in the Sonoran desert

Paula                         Paula
Paula | Posted on 19 September 2011

Yes, give Nopalea juice a go -- it's safe,effective and approved in Australia. A company called TriVita produces it, look them up on Google. It's a million times safer than taking anti-inflammatory tablets and burning a hole through your stomach lining!!

Jason                         Jason
Jason | Posted on 05 June 2012

Hi anyone no of easing excema,Psoriasis type rash on the face that has good and bad times

Sophie                        Sophie
Sophie | Posted on 06 June 2012

Hi Jason, I am a Blackmore’s naturopath.
Sorry to hear about your rash. Eczema and psoriasis have different causes to each other and respond slightly differently to natural therapies, so it can help to get a doctor's diagnosis so you know what you are dealing with. Ezcema can be associated with insufficient intake of omega 3 fatty acids such as those in fish oil and flaxseed oil. It can also occur when zinc levels are low. B vitamins, probiotics and antioxidants like vitamin A, E and C also play an important role in healing the skin. You will find more information about these conditons on these pages:
I hope this helps. You can also call us on our Naturopathic Advisory Line on 1800 803 760 if you'd like to talk to one of our qualified naturopaths.

Anneke                        Anneke
Anneke | Posted on 08 June 2012

Hi Jason, Have you tried McArthur skincare cream. That works for lots of people. He has been on tv, Today Tonight several times. Have a look on his website.

Anita                         Anita
Anita | Posted on 08 June 2012

Hi Liz. I hope that your pain has settled by now. One of the things that doesn't always seem obvious is to make sure you keep moving gently even though we have a flare-up in our pain. If we just stop moving, it seems to make things take much longer to improve as we get much stiffer. Our bodies were meant to move, and I recently read of a lady in the UK who had to spend much of her pregnancy with complete bed rest to avoid miscarriage again. After a successful birth she needed extensive physiotherapy to regain strength to care for her newborn as she had lost so much back strength and mobility due to enforced bed rest. So even if its uncomfortable, it can be better to move rather than stop (and especially sit or lay for extended periods)! I would suggest you visit a good Physiotherapist to work out an action plan for when you next overdo things -- we all overdo things from time to time -- so that you know exactly what to do and you can start early next time. I hope this helps you.

William                       William
William | Posted on 09 June 2012

My wife has plantar faciitis and was advised to take Blackmores Professional SCF tablets, having tried podiatry and physiotherapy - cortisone injection pending - but the tablets don't seem to be having any effect. Any comment?

Blackmores                    Blackmores
Blackmores | Posted on 13 June 2012

Hi William,

S.C.F. is commonly recommended by practitioners for people suffering from conditions affecting bone, tendons and ligaments and inflammation of connective tissue- such as plantar fasciitis. While generally providing beneficial results, everyone will have there own individual response to any therapy. If you or you wife would like to discuss her case in more detail please give our naturopaths a call on 1800 803 760 or email

Peter                         Peter
Peter | Posted on 15 June 2012

For Plantar Faciitis, I've been taking DUO CELLOIDS SCF for a few days so-far, recommended me by a Pharmacist.
No relief as yet as expected, but will report back.

Jennifer                      Jennifer
Jennifer | Posted on 19 June 2012

Hi Peter, my name is Jennifer, a Blackmores naturopath. Tendons and ligaments tend to have poor circulation, and plantar facitis may take time to heal. 2-3 months is often a good guide-line to notice improved changes. Fish oil or green lipped mussel oil may also assist with the pain and inflammation. All the best on your recovery Peter, and let us know how you go

Sharon                        Sharon
Sharon | Posted on 08 September 2012

Hi Jason, in terms of nutritional supplements, quercetain and bromelain are anti inflammatory. Devils claw a herb as in above post is also good.

Gigi                          Gigi
Gigi | Posted on 13 October 2013

I have a Labrador with arthritis would any of the remedy prescribed by this forum might be able to help my dog. She is on anti inflammatory and do not wish to go on with it. Anybody can help on this topic. I know it is maybe unusual

Leanne                        Leanne
Leanne | Posted on 14 October 2013

Hello Gigi,

Glucosamine and chondroitin, which are commonly prescribed to humans to help reduce joint inflammation and swelling, can also be found to be effective in animal products, please contact us for any further information regarding this recommendation so we can assist you further. Kind regards, Leanne (Blackmores naturopath).

Gigi                          Gigi
Gigi | Posted on 15 October 2013

Hello Leanne and many thanks for taking the time to reply. That is very kind. I have been given her (my dog that is) one tablet of glucosamine with Chondroitin for a month. I would really appreciate if I could use some other remedy that is a little more effective. She is now limping. I will contact you tomorrow and see what can be done. Thanks again.

Katherine                     Katherine
Katherine | Posted on 31 March 2014

The natural inflammatory I've been using for years is ginger. If I have muscle pains or I've gotten swollen ankle, I just crash one medium size of ginger and put some herbal oil in it say coconut oil, then put it on the affected area and put a bandage overnight and I have really felling of relief.

Martin                        Martin
Martin | Posted on 30 April 2014

I came across this post and thought you might be interested in a product called 'Lyprinol' which you can buy at Blackmores. It comprises a rare combination of lipid groups and unique Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which has been shown through independent clinical research to be an extremely potent natural anti-inflammatory. For more information visit their website

Katherine                     Katherine
Katherine | Posted on 03 May 2014

You may want to consult your doctor if you are having hard time dealing with your pain. OTC drugs may not work for you so you can consult your doctor so he can give you a higher type of pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

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