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Parenting & Children's Health

As children grow and develop, they can go through periods of being fussy eaters and it can be difficult to get the nutrients they need for healthy development in their daily diet. Many factors are influenced by diet, including growth and development, digestion, immunity, learning, concentration and mental health. We have many groups dedicated to the vast range of children's health issues - join or start your own.

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Parenting & Children's HealthParenting & Children's Health
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Current Discussions

Pre Anorexic and Pre TeenPre Anorexic and Pre Teen
Pre Anorexic and Pre Teen

wow awesome site for the pregnant ladies....for more pregnancy details click to 12 weeks pregnancy

  • 6 Posts
  • Last post by priyanka on 04 March 2014
add and adhdadd and adhd
add and adhd

Hi Michelle

Yes there are many steps you could try. It may of course depend on why she is finding f...

  • 4 Posts
  • Last post by Emma on 06 December 2013
Pre & postnatal health and fitnessPre & postnatal health and fitness
Pre & postnatal health and fitness

Hi Jenny, I'm wondering if you can help me. I had my second child 3 months ago and am wondering if there are a...

  • 2 Posts
  • Last post by Chris on 17 September 2012
Anxiety and businessAnxiety and business
Anxiety and business

Thanks Jen.

  • 4 Posts
  • Last post by May on 01 October 2011
nutrition for 4 mth old babynutrition for 4 mth old baby
nutrition for 4 mth old baby

I believe recommendations by Qld health have changed recently and the current advice is- around 6mths of age b...

  • 4 Posts
  • Last post by vicki on 25 August 2011

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Children's Mental HealthChildren's Mental Health
Children's Mental Health

This is a group for all parents who may have questions about mental health and their children. Join to discuss ...

  • 10 Posts
  • Last post by Emma on 06 December 2013
Children's ImmunityChildren's Immunity
Children's Immunity

For nutritional tips recipes and lifestyle ideas to help keep your kids healthy throughout the year, join our ...

  • 12 Posts
  • Last post by Danielle on 22 March 2011
Children's Growth & DevelopmentChildren's Growth & Development
Children's Growth & Development

Do you have questions about your child's development or your teen's journey through puberty? Join this group t ...

  • 5 Posts
  • Last post by Veronica on 25 November 2010


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