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Australia’s Next Top Model Blackmores Challenge Winner Montana Cox reveals real beauty comes from within

13 September 2011

During last night’s episode of Australia’s Next Top Model, Blackmores conducted a ‘natural beauty’ photographic challenge with the remaining models.

The key criteria was great hair, nails and skin and beauty that shines from within, and the challenge winner Montana Cox will feature in a national print advertisement for the 180 size of Blackmores Nails, Hair and Skin sold exclusively in Priceline pharmacies and stores nationally.

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In this interview Montana unveils the importance of good nutrition to achieve a beautiful, healthy appearance from the inside out.

    1.    How do you keep healthy (name 3 things)?

By drinking plenty of water, eating all the right foods, exercising regularly and lots of sleep!

    2.    What do you think the key is to having radiant, glowing skin?

Putting the right foods in to your body, drinking plenty of water and 8 hours of sleep night.

    3.    Did your mum pass down any secrets for keeping your skin young?

My mum encouraged me to eat plenty of veggies and always cleanse and moisturise morning and night.

    4.    What does your beauty regime involve?

I wash my face morning and night, moisturise and put on the odd mask here and there.

    5.    When did you start a skincare routine?

When I turned 13 with my mum’s encouragement.

    6.    How many skincare products do you use a day?

I use cefaphil and dermalogica cleanser and moisturiser.

    7.    List 5 healthy foods that you like and why you eat them?

Broccoli, oats, chia seeds, green tea and mushrooms are my favourite healthy foods.

    8.    Do you take vitamins, and if so what?

I take Blackmores Vitamin C to support a healthy immune system.

    9.    Winter can make hair dry, how do you battle the elements to keep your hair healthy?

By wearing it as natural as I can, and an occasional beauty treatment when needed.

    10.    How often do you have a manicure?

About once a month on average.

    11.    How often do you go to the hairdresser or beautician?

My mother is a hairdresser/beautician so whenever I want!

    12.    List 5 things you do to look and feel good.

Having a fresh face, being comfortable in my own skin, and going for a run outside.

    13.    How do you strive for beautiful, healthy nails, hair and skin?

By keeping healthy and living a positive and happy life.

    14.    How do you keep fit, list what exercise do you do?

Playing netball 4 to 5 times per week, hitting the gym and going for regular runs. I also try and walk everywhere.

    15.    Which celebrity do you think has the best hair and skin?

Miranda Kerr is my inspiration! Her face just lights up a room, she glows inside and out!

    16.    Do you do anything to maintain balance and wellbeing, eg. yoga, meditation?

I do a yoga class every so often. With a hectic schedule I find them balancing and relaxing.

    17.    What’s your favourite personal attribute?

The fact that I’m just a genuinely positive and happy person and I never look at the downside of things.


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