About PAW

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In July 2010, Blackmores acquired Pure Animal Wellbeing, welcoming Dr. Alister Webster and his team on board to form the new Blackmores animal health division.

We are very excited about this union as it combines our natural healthcare heritage with veterinary expertise to provide a range of natural pet products that offer you:
Natural health expertise
With 80 years of expertise in natural healthcare for humans, Blackmores is now extending its experience and passion to pet healthcare, so you can be assured of the same commitment to innovative, quality branded healthcare solutions for pets that work.
Developed by vets
Originally created by veterinarian, Dr. Alister Webster, the Pure Animal Wellbeing natural healthcare range continues to be developed by Australian vets, to deliver clinically proven products that give you the solutions needed for your pet’s health.
All Pure Animal Wellbeing products are formulated specifically for pets, taking into consideration their unique health needs and requirements and drawing on Blackmores expertise in quality natural ingredients to provide the best of care for your pet.
Nature inspired
Combining Blackmores natural healthcare heritage with veterinary expertise, Pure Animal Wellbeing delivers innovative and proven natural healthcare products, so you can show your pet you care.

Ultimately providing you with a range of natural pet healthcare products that you can trust for your pet.

About Dr. Alister Webster & PAW

Pure Animal Wellbeing (PAW) was developed by Dr Alister Webster, a third generation vet from the Webster family who are renowned by vets for creating quality pet products for over 80 years.
Dr Webster noticed an emerging trend amongst pet owners actively seeking preventative and long term health measures and wellbeing products for their pets. Owners were aware of natural healthcare for themselves, recognised the benefits of these products and were demanding an equivalent range of products for their pets.
In response to this, Dr Webster spent over four years researching and developing natural actives and product alternatives for veterinary wellbeing products before introducing Pure Animal Wellbeing products to vets in Australia.
As you would expect from Blackmores, the PAW range of products are full of the finest quality nourishing naturally based ingredients, certified organic where possible, chosen for their purity and pet friendly compatibility.
The PAW range contains unique active ingredients to provide groundbreaking products for the health and wellbeing of your pet. Just one example of this includes the use of Perna128® Green Lipped Mussel in Osteosupport® to providing concentrated actives for faster and more effective pain relief for pets with arthritis symptoms and joint pain.

Our Animal Health philosophy

As you would expect our philosophy and values for animal health and the Pure Animal Wellbeing range reflects Blackmores continued commitment to leading natural healthcare and encouraging proactivity for long term wellbeing, with our values being:
We care about animals and their wellbeing.
We pride ourselves on developing products that include the latest technologies and ingredients to maximise the health and wellbeing of your pet.
All our products are researched, clinically tested by vet specialists and endorsed by vets.
We are committed to using premium quality ingredients that are clinically proven to enhance the health and wellbeing of your pet.

Our Product Ranges

The Pure Animal Wellbeing range will continue to focus on the following natural pet healthcare categories:

Nutraceutical supplements to maintain and enhance pet wellbeing.
Pet dermatological products to maintain, care for or provide relief of skin conditions in pets.
Finding solutions or treatments to specific conditions caused by modern lifestyle or suffering the side effects of medical treatment of pets.
Preventative health care solutions to encourage a natural proactive approach to pet healthcare.
As the provision and protection of long term pet health is the primary focus, Pure Animal Wellbeing will continue to formulate products that:

  • Help treat and manage specific health conditions.
  • Maintain pet wellbeing
  • Improving the longevity and quality of life for pets in Australia and internationally.
  • Environment & Recycling
  • We are committed to meeting high levels of environmental practice both in the production of our products and in the day to day running of our business.
  • We avoid using excess packaging and utilise recyclable containers whenever possible.
  • We use certified organic and locally grown ingredients whenever possible.

Recycling PAW Packaging.

Our packaging is made to be recyclable, however please check with your recycling facility to see what they accept.

To help you recycle our packaging we have listed what packaging material is used in each product.  The code is usually a number inside a triangle made up of recycling arrows.  The type of packaging is usually donated by a triangle with a number in it to help identify how to recycle that particular item.
Pure Animal Wellbeing products are coded as either:
High Density Polyethelene (HDPE)/Code 2
Low Density Polyethelene (LDPE)/Code 4
These codes are found at the bottom of our packaging.

What PAW packaging are plastic codes 2 – HDPE

PAW 500ml Shampoo Bottles.
PAW Osteosupport® Joint Care Powder.
PAW Osteocare® Joint Health Chews.
PAW Active Pet Chews.
PAW Multi+Tryptophan Chews.
PAW Demega® Bottle.
PAW Digesticare 60.
PAW 5 Litre Shampoo & Coat Treatment ‘Salon Packs’
PAW Gentle Ear Cleaner.
PAW Rose Aroma Mist.
PAW Puppy Conditioning Mist.
PAW Conditioning & Grooming Mist.
What PAW tubes are plastic codes 4 – LDPE
PAW 200ml Shampoo, Conditioner & Coat Treatment tubes
PAW Calming Gel