PAWfect Packs


A natural foundation to help support your dog’s health and wellbeing


PAWfect Packs save you up to 37%* off the RRP of each product purchased individually.


Each pack contains products specifically selected by experts to help your dog at each stage in their life, delivered to your door.


All Blackmores’ products are manufactured to highest standards to ensure your best friend gets only the best nature has to offer.

Frequently asked questions

We have developed each pack specifically for dogs at each stage in their life. So, the best pack will depend on the age of your dog. Remember, different breeds age at different rates, so it also depends on your dog’s specific requirements. However, as a general guide:

PAWfect pack


Age (approximate)

PAWfect for Puppies

Smaller dogs Less than 9 months
Larger dogs Less than 15 months

PAWfect for Adult Dogs

Smaller dogs

9 months to 10 years

Larger dogs

15 months to 8 years

PAWfect for Senior Dogs

Smaller dogs

More than 10 years

Larger dogs

More than 8 years

We all get an itch every now and then, and dogs are exactly the same. Occasional scratching in your dog shouldn’t be cause for alarm. But, if your dog is constantly itching, you may need expert advice. Key signs of an itchy dog are:

  • Constant scratching for prolonged periods of time
  • Scratching when engaged in activities that would otherwise keep your dog distracted (e.g. playing, exercising, eating)
  • Constant scratching at night
  • Constant scratching that requires physical restraint to stop
If you’d like more information on itchiness in dogs, check out the PAWfect Itchy Skin Pack.
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