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Kids Fruity Fishies™

Great tasting, chewable fish oil capsules for kids

This product has been discontinued. Please contact the Blackmores Advisory team for further information.

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Blackmores Kids Fruity Fishies™ are great tasting, chewable fish oil capsules to help support healthy brain development & function and may play an important role in learning in children. Halal certified

Why use

  • Contains concentrated omega-3 fatty acids in a convenient one-a-day dose
  • Suitable for children 1 to 12 years
  • Omega-3s are essential for maintaining normal eye function

The Blackmores difference

Omega-3s play a role in brain development and function during the early stages of life. Studies suggest that omega-3s may also play a role in learning.

As well as their role in the brain development, omega-3s also help maintain normal eye function and may help support healthy vision.

Blackmores Kids Fruity Fishies™ are formulated especially for kids, and they taste great!

Bursting with omega-3s, they are also tooth-friendly with a natural orange flavour that contains no artificial sweeteners.

Active ingredients per chewable capsule

Fish oil

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Containing omega-3 marine trigylcerides 300 mg as:
Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 180 mg
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 120 mg


Children 1-2 years – Take 1 capsule a day (pierce and squeeze into milk, juice or cereal).

Children 3-12 years – Chew (do not swallow whole) 1 capsule a day with a meal, or as professionally prescribed.

Not suitable for children under 1 year.

Physical description

An oval, light orange, chewable capsule
Always read the label. Use only as directed.

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Hi there,
If it may consume for adult? Please advise.
Yee Haw
Yee Haw 06 Sep 2017
Hi there, I'm after this product, and yet it seems to be out of stock or unavailable on your site and at all Australian pharmacy's. Is there a reason for This? Are there any other reputable stockists you could suggest I get this from?
Rebecca 26 Jul 2017
Are there any natural sweeteners or added sugars to these that we should know about to ensure our children aren't intaking excess sugar? Thank you
Eliza 13 May 2017
When the product will arrive?
ZhouJie 10 Apr 2017
Hi could you please let me know if this product is mercury free? Thank you
Angela 22 Aug 2016
Do these contain sugar?
Georgia 25 May 2016
Hi, my son has allergies to all nuts and legumes. Is this product suitable for him? Or is there another Fish oil supplement that is?
Jessica 25 Jan 2016
Hi, can you tell me if the oil has been purified and if it's made from fish bodies or livers?
Many thanks, Rachel
rachel 08 Dec 2015