Dermoscent® Essential 6® spot-on for Cats
Dermoscent® Essential 6® spot-on for Cats

4 per-box $7.88 per pipettes


Dermoscent® Essential 6® spot-on for cats is a  unique blend of essential fatty acids & essential oils that improves coat shine and reduce dry, scaly skin in cats. Available in a convenient spot-on pipette that is applied directly to skin it’s easy for pet owners to use without bathing their cats.

Why use

  • Improves Coat Shine: In international trials over 70% of cat owners saw an improvement in coat shine (an indicator of healthy skin) when using Essential 6® spot-on.
  • Improves dry scaly skin: Essential 6® spot on moisturises the coat and skin, particularly hydrating dry skin.
  • Avoids bathing the cat

When to use

  • For cats with dull dry coats.
  • For older or obese cats who have difficulty grooming.
  • For cats who are on a reduced calorie diet or who cannot take Omega 3 products orally.
  • For cats with dandruff or dry scaly skin

The Blackmores difference



  • 4 cat pipettes per box.
  • Initial dose is one pipette applied weekly for the first 8 weeks.
  • Maintenance dose is one pipette every 2 weeks (after the initial 8 week treatment).


Essential 6 spot-on should not be used 2 days before or after bathing. Essential 6 spot-on has not been tested in kittens under 3 months old.

Physical description

A yellow coloured liquid in a gold coloured pipette.

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Finally, Kevin ( British Short Hair Cat ) has no dandruff. He is 12 years old & for many years the vet has been saying " Just change his diet ". This product in 4 weeks has changed his life.... This product is absolutely ESSENTIAL to any cat owner. Thankyou