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Dermoscent® Essential 6® spot-on for Cats
Dermoscent® Essential 6® spot-on for Cats

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Essential 6® spot-on is the no. 1 spot-on dermo-cosmetic product for dogs and for cats that provides a simple and efficient solution for cutaneous imbalances (also referred to as kerato-seborrhoeic disorders or problems) and their consequences: dull or brittle hair, dry or oily coat, bad odours, etc.

Essential 6® spot-on is patented and has no added fragrances, achieving no less than six different actions in one product:

  • restore the hydration level of the skin, reinforcing the skin barrier function
  • enhance the shine of the hairs
  • diminish hair loss (outside seasonal moult) and support the regrowth of hair
  • reduce scales and dandruff
  • deodorise, respecting the smell of the animal
  • protect by way of its antioxidant activity

Why use

  • Improves Coat Shine: In international trials over 75% of cat owners saw an improvement in coat shine (an indicator of healthy skin) when using Essential 6® spot-on.
  • Improves dry scaly skin: Essential 6® spot on moisturises the coat and skin, particularly hydrating dry skin.
  • Avoids bathing the cat

The Blackmores difference



Break and remove the snap-off top of the pipette by folding it once forwards and once backwards, move the hairs of the animal aside and apply all of the Essential 6® spot-on, between the shoulders of the animal, on one or two spots, directly on to the skin.

To achieve an optimal and lasting result, it is recommended to start with an initial treatment of 2 consecutive months, applying one pipette per week, followed by 1 pipette every 2 weeks as regular and continuous treatment, as long as necessary.

No massage required; a bio-diffusing agent will allow a homogeneous distribution of the product all over the body of the animal.

It is recommended not to bath the animal during the 2 days before and the 2 days following the application.

No incompatibility in case of a combined use with any of the other "spot-on" products.

In case of animals with long or abundant hairs, brush the animal’s coat the day after the application, to remove any potential residues of the product and to allow an optimal distribution on the skin.


Essential 6 spot-on should not be used 2 days before or after bathing. Essential 6 spot-on has not been tested in kittens under 3 months old.

Physical description

A yellow coloured liquid in a gold coloured pipette.

When to use

  • In case of rainy weather, Essential 6® spot-on gives a pleasant scent to the animal
  • In case of hot weather, when the animal is exposed to the sun and to various environmental factors, Essential 6® spot-on enables the animal to maintain a good hydration level of the skin

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Finally, Kevin ( British Short Hair Cat ) has no dandruff. He is 12 years old & for many years the vet has been saying " Just change his diet ". This product in 4 weeks has changed his life.... This product is absolutely ESSENTIAL to any cat owner. Thankyou