27 Oct 2015
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Why Blackmores Superfoods?

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Nourish your body and boost your wellbeing with real food nutrition. Here are 3 reasons to try Blackmores Superfoods.

The benefits of superfoods

We all know the importance of a healthy, well-balanced diet that provides a range of nutrient-rich foods to support our wellbeing.

But let’s face it- sometimes life gets in the way and we could all do with a little nutritional boost to supplement our diets.

Blackmores Superfood range includes:

Matcha Green Tea + Nature Boost Vitamin Bs

For mental clarity, focus and vitality with:
  • Vitamin B1 to contribute to normal energy production and psychological function
  • Vitamin B5 supporting normal mental performance

Vitality Super Greens + Nature Boost Antioxidants

For vitality, immune support, acid-alkaline balance and  cleansing, with:
  • Zinc to support acid-alkali balance to assist in normal immune system function
  • Vitamin C to support energy production and healthy collagen formation and to help reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Fibre helps keep you regular as a daily cleanse

Wild Blueberry Blend + Nature Boost Vitamin C

A drink for daily wellbeing, skin health and immune support with:
  • Vitamin C to support normal immune function, energy metabolism and collagen formation in skin

Single Origin Cacao + Nature Boost Prebiotics & Probiotics

For wellbeing and an antioxidant boost.

Raw Chia + Nature Boost Vital Nutrients

A nutritional powerhouse for wellbeing and vitality with:
  • Vitamins B1 and B5 to support normal energy production
  • Zinc and iron, necessary for normal immune system function
  • Vitamin C helps to protect cells from free radical damage
  • Vitamin C and iron contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

Coconut Water + Nature Boost Magnesium

For electrolyte balance and daily hydration when mixed with water, with:
  • Magnesium to support normal electrolyte balance

Nature Boost

Every Blackmores Superfood Powder has been fortified with Nature Boost: concentrated nutrients, extracted from real foods and natural sources to further enhance the superfoods existing nutritional content.

Just some of Blackmores Nature Boost ingredients:
  • Magnesium sourced from the sea
  • Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from an organic food extracts including guava, holy basil and lemon
  • Vitamin C from organic Indian gooseberry
  • Antioxidants sourced from organic acerola (Barbados cherry)
With Blackmores you’re getting the nutrients you expect from your superfoods.

From seed to smoothie

Blackmores Superfoods + Nature Boost provide real food nutrition because they’re sourced from real foods and natural sources.

We’re dedicated to using high quality ingredients and source the finest ingredients from around the world.  

All Blackmores Superfoods are GMO free, dairy free and vegan and have no added artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

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Hi, it is okey to breastfeeding mum ( blueberry boost)
Otgondelger 18 Nov 2015