Ask a sports nutritionist

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Want to know how to get the most out of your nutrition to maximise your results come race day? Ask sports nutritionist Kira Sutherland.

Kira Sutherland is a nutritionist & naturopath that specialises in Sports Nutrition. With over 20 years of clinical experience Kira is passionate about working with athletes of all levels. She is the previous Head of Nutrition Department at Nature Care College in Sydney and has lectured in Natural Medicine for well over 15 years both within Australia and overseas.

As a health educator, Kira has worked / consulted with an array of clients including: private colleges, health conferences,corporates, sports teams, individual athletes and the media.

In her spare time Kira is undertaking her Masters of Sports Nutrition,competes in Ironman triathlon and practices what she preaches.

Got a question for Kira? Ask her in the comments section below!

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Hi Kira, I have run a few fun runs at the 14km mark but only attempted 21.1km once before (and not in an event, just privately) so very unsure of how to approach. Do you have any advice for what and how much I should be eating the day (particularly the night) before the run? Also how much time is it best to allow between eating something for breakfast (as you suggested already honey/toast) and the start of the run? Thank you! :) Erika
Erika 25 Aug 2017
Hi Kira, I am a coeliac who is allergic to sulphur (sulphites, preservatives), are there any nutritional products you can suggest for during and after a race?
Thank you
Bernadette 15 Jul 2017
Hi Kira, I eat gluten-free and just trying to focus on eating natural foods (meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc). What fruits and vegetables are the best source of carbs and how much should you consume post training run? Thanks Brett
Brett 14 Jul 2017
First time I will run a long race like this what should I eat for breakfast before the race
Jennifer Speakman
Jennifer Speakman 12 Jul 2017
Hi Kira,
Are there any particular nutrients that are good for helping with recovery from a minor hamstring strain?
Kate 05 Jul 2017