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Got a training question? Ask Runlab founder and marathon runner, Vlad Shatrov below!

With over 10 years’ experience training runners together with competing at the highest levels in distance running, Vlad Shatrov knows what it means to be a runner.

After completing the 2016 Berlin Marathon in a PB of 2:18, Vlad knows what it takes to set a goal and really work towards it. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience gained by racing numerous prestigious events abroad, at home, on road and on the trails. Vlad has a passion for running like no other and has trained with many of Australia’s best runners and coaches. Plus, he's running this year's Blackmores Half Marathon alongside many of you!

Vlad is also the founder of Runlab, a leading provider of group interval training sessions, group functional strength classes and personalized running analysis and programming. He has trained runners of all abilities, so whether you’re looking to run in the Family Fun Run, smash the Bridge Run, step up to the Half marathon or finish the Blackmores Sydney Marathon, he can help you with your training.

His running career started slowly – after undergoing surgery at the age of 10 to alleviate joint fusions in both ankles, he was told it was unlikely that he would be able to make a career out of the sport that he loved yet caused him so much grief. Undeterred, as a young teenager growing up on a sheep property in South Eastern NSW, he continued to push his body, enjoying the freedom that running provided.

Not only has he successfully competed in many individual road races, but he has helped many people, from absolute beginners to seasoned runners, achieve personal bests in both running and triathlons.

Got a question for Vlad? Ask him in the comments section below!

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Hi Vlad. I’m following the Blackmores full mara training plan that you wrote (thanks!). On 11 Aug the long run says 170 mins fast finish 30 mins. I think that means 200 mins total? (Or does it mean 170 total?). Also great to see you at Fingal Bay parkrun the other week. Cheers, Bethany
Hi, I am following the training guide to complete the half marathon in the beginner wave. The long run on Sunday is 140minutes.... is that correct? It seems a huge jump from the previous week where the long run was 80mins. The longest run I have ever run is probably 80 minutes and that was hard enough, not sure I could have kept running for another hour after that as suggested on Sunday
Ok so I’ve just started my leg strengthening at the gym with a PT. Haven’t been able walk well for 3 days... and it doesn’t seem to be improving! Should I continue this regime? I haven’t been able to run for days!!!
Could you give some examples of drills to do with the 30 minute easy pace running for half marathon prep please
My feet, mainly the toes, get numb after running for about an hour, which stops me running longer and further. Is there any thing that I can do to overcome this? My shoes have plenty of room for the feet to expand, so tight shoes are not the problem. Thanks.
Hello. what`s the best way to train in a raining day ?
Flu Season! My doctor gave me last week off for a Viral Infection - shivering, 39C, totally aching since last Tuesday 4/6/19. This week I'm just Blah! But as a several-time marathoner, aged 57, I am trying to get under 3:45 and have been training well, a bit below the Advanced Plan but past the 30km/week currently. Managed an easy total of 20km Sunday/Monday 9-11/6/19 without problems. How do you recommend re-building to Plan after a virus? PS is there a search function to this Blog?? ERic ;-)
Hi Vlad, I'm registered to do the half in september (my second one) and have done a few city to surfs over the years. I have an on going groin/glute pain that never seems to go completely away regardless of the physio/chiro that I go through. including glute strength re hab. I now have a hammy tear (stage 2) that has now also come up on the same leg.. I'd like to get this completely correct by the time I do the half.