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Blackmores campus

Blackmores Campus

The Blackmores Campus is an award-winning, sustainable facility designed to reflect our company values, leadership and commitment to quality. Its innovative features minimise our environmental impact, drive operational efficiencies and, importantly, provide amenities to create a motivating, healthy, happy workplace.

Officially opened in May 2009 and located at Warriewood on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the Blackmores Campus offers a new generation workplace that demonstrates the company’s leadership in its balanced approach to health, work, life and the environment.

Environmental sustainability

We are very proud of the sustainable building design which has been recognised by numerous awards. These include the Australian Institute of Architects’ Sustainable Architecture Award and the Urban Taskforce’s Development Excellence for Industrial Development. 

Covering more than 25,000 square metres and housing more than 400 staff each day, the Campus has many sustainable elements: 
  • Energy (electrical, heating and cooling) is provided by a gas-fired tri-generation plant, resulting in reduced carbon dioxide emissions
  • Access to fresh air is maximised with temperature-sensitive windows that open and close as the building warms and cools throughout the day, resulting in an air-conditioning free environment for approximately two-thirds of the year
  • Natural lighting is maximised to reduce artificial lighting needs
  • Thermally insulated façades and roof, light coloured roofing and natural shading devices minimise heat loads on the building and high energy cooling requirements    
  • Solar chimneys facilitate natural ventilation
  • Furnishings are environmentally-friendly, low-volatile and low-emission e.g. carpets, paints, and furniture including all desks    
  • Storm water is collected and used for our gardens    
  • Natural flora is integrated into the office setting to give a tranquil workplace environment     

Wellness Centre, healthy café and Memorial Garden

Blackmores staff enjoy a Wellness Centre at the heart of the building. This incorporates treatment rooms for massage and naturopathy, a yoga and pilates area, a gym with updated equipment, changing facilities and a 20 metre lap pool. The staff café provides a wide range of healthy, nutritious meals and refreshments for staff. 

Medicinal herbs in the Maurice Blackmore Memorial Garden are used for educational purposes, while culinary herbs are grown to include in healthy meals in the staff café. Some of the herbs featured include echinacea, lavender, rosemary, lemon balm and aloe vera. 

Improved production and distribution

The Campus’ on-site production and distribution facility operates 24/6, providing a significantly streamlined processing and quality assurance system, enhanced logistics and supply chain management. This integrated approach allows our Operations team to handle, store, pick and dispatch goods faster and more accurately than ever before.

Our flexible storage system features selective, double-deep and narrow aisle racking for 5,000 pallets. This new smart flow-through design optimises materials handling at all stages from production through to dispatch and ensures enhanced customer service with faster order turnaround and fulfilment accuracy. More than 4,000 shipments are sent to our retail customers each week, with more than 35 million products produced every year.