• How to recycle your Blackmores products
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9 Nov 2020

How to recycle your Blackmores products

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Did you know 98% of our packaging is recyclable? Here’s a handy guide to help you tread more lightly on the planet 🌏

Here at Blackmores we are committed to increasing our use of recycled content.

Currently, 98% of our packaging is recyclable and we’re working on solutions for the last 2%. If you can’t re-use our packaging, then recycle it through your kerbside recycling programs. 

We’ll keep exploring more sustainable ways to keep our packaging out of landfill and protecting our precious natural resources. 

Because you can’t have healthy people without a healthy planet.

What's recyclable?

98% of our packaging is recyclable. This includes:

  • Amber glass bottles
  • Plastic tubs and bottles - plus they are BPA free
  • Flip top and screw top lids
  • Cartons and boxes

What are the puffy white things in the box?



When you order from us you'll find 100% plant-based, biodegradable and home compostable Envirofill inside your box to keep your delivery secure and protected from any bumps along the way.

Plus, our online shipping box is made from 70% recycled material. box





We're working hard on more planet friendly solutions

blister vials


The blister packs used for some of our tablets like B12 Rapi-Melt 1000 mcg and Sleep Sound Formula, and the plastic bottled used for our Cold and Allergy Shield Nasal Sprays can’t be recycled due to mixed materials so pop them in your general waste. 



Empty B(more) sachets are 100% recyclable through the REDcycle program

INFOGRAPHIC: How to recycle your Blackmores products

The Australasian Recycling Label will help you check the recyclability of products.

Check it before you chuck it. Learn more at arl.org.au 

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