Quality & research

Blackmores’ strong commitment to quality ensures that our products consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our customers as well as comply with Australia’s high regulatory standards and requirements. Our rigorous standards guarantee high quality natural healthcare products and services you can trust.

Best possible ingredients

Blackmores works with the highest quality raw material suppliers to source and select the very best possible ingredients available. Our strategic sourcing team travels the world to ensure we have transparency over the supply chain.

As an example, we conduct audits of the fisheries catching our krill for Blackmores Eco Krill and keep records of the exact coordinates where each batch of krill are caught. This means customers get the same quality product inside every single bottle.

Expert team of formulators

Blackmores' products are developed by a highly experienced and dedicated team of formulators including naturopaths, chemists, scientists and product development pharmacists. They base each formulation on their in-depth knowledge of the principles and practise of product formulation along with a rigorous and comprehensive review of the latest scientific advancements in natural medicine.

We only produce products that our formulation team have concluded that science and tradition supports as being safe and providing a benefit to our consumers.

Rigorously tested and approved

Blackmores adheres to the most rigorous safety and quality standards in the world, upheld by the Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Our Quality Control processes provide consumers with the confidence that all our products meet our demanding specifications by being rigorously tested during all stages of manufacture. Products that do not meet our very high quality standards are simply not accepted.

We also commission independent chemical and microbiological testing at TGA-licensed laboratories for our products, as well as work with a variety of regulatory and government bodies to understand the complexities of each markets’ requirements and successfully achieve compliant registrations.

Trust has to be earned not bought and we recognise that consumers put their trust in us when it comes to their health.

Research and innovation

As an industry leader, Blackmores is always seeking to drive innovation. Each year we commit to a strong new product pipeline based on the latest research and scientific findings to enable us to provide quality health solutions with a strong evidence base.

Every year Blackmores spends more than $2 million on research, development and innovation. In 2013-2014 we invested in more than 25 clinical trials in partnership with some of Australia's best educational and research institutions. To learn more, visit the Blackmores Institute website.