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Blackmores Education is your gateway to evidence-based natural health education, training events and resources.

With Blackmores Education you can access informative education courses and resources anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Education options for pharmacy assistants

Blackmores offers continuing education and professional development for pharmacy assistants through seminars, workshops, in-store training, online learning and pre-employment training.

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Education options for healthcare professionals

Blackmores Institute offers a diverse range of education opportunities for healthcare professionals designed to meet a variety of learning styles and career stages.  Our services and academic programs offer you:

  • An introduction to complementary medicine
  • In-depth understanding of the evidence-base for ingredients and their efficacy in treating specific conditions
  • Tools to improve patient engagement skills
  • CPD-accredited education for healthcare professionals, including pharmacists and general practitioners
  • Advanced education products and events for the integrative practitioner
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Education options for daigous

Blackmores Education for Daigous offers evidence-based natural health online education and resources.

We trust you will find Blackmores Education for Daigous a valuable resource for continuing your professional development, and a great way to learn more about natural health and Blackmores quality range of products.

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