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Blackmores Group ‘Speak Up’ portal

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At Blackmores Group, we strive to do the right thing. We count on everyone within Blackmores Group and our supply chain to act in accordance with all applicable laws, our Code of Conduct and our values.

In short, we take issues such as safety, environmental damage, human rights, fraud, anti-bribery and corruption seriously.

If you're concerned about inappropriate or illegal conduct in relation to Blackmores Group, in one of our workplaces or in our supply chain, we encourage you to raise your concern. If something seems unethical or improper, it probably is.

Report concerning behaviour

It's important that all breaches of our Code of Conduct or Supplier Code of Conduct are reported so they can be investigated and appropriate follow up action taken.

Some examples of concerning behaviours include:
  • Dishonest, corrupt or illegal activities
  • Unethical conduct
  • Financial theft or fraud
  • Racial, sexual, age, disability or religious discrimination
  • False expense claims
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Modern slavery
  • Illegal immigrant labour
  • Unauthorised production of our products
  • Unsafe work practices

We protect your identity

Our ‘Speak Up’ portal is powered by Whispli, an award-winning provider of tools to help empower people worried about retaliation or victimisation to speak up. 

While knowing your identity can often help us to investigate your concerns, our Speak Up portal provides a safe space where you can handle difficult conversations and remain completely anonymous.

Anonymous two-way communication

  • If you don’t wish to disclose your identity, the entire process can be completely anonymous for you
  • No potential identifying information (like personal information, IP address etc) is passed to us unless you choose to provide it
  • Whispli use robust information and data security so that your identity is safe
  • You are in control of what you share and submit
  • Communicate via an anonymous Inbox

How to 'Speak Up' with Whispli

To investigate reports we need as much information as possible. 

1. Make sure you have all the facts

To reach the right solutions, we need to be as fully informed as possible.

2. Clarify your responsibility and role

In some cases, where you don’t feel threatened or worried about being victimised, you may choose to go through the internal reporting lines.

Has your manager or supervisor been informed? Can you speak with your Human Resources Business Partner, your Country Manager, or the Head of Compliance?

If you feel like you can’t, it’s time to use our 'Speak Up’ portal

3. Create an Anonymous Inbox on Whispli

A Whispli Inbox is a safe place where you can have sensitive conversations with a Blackmores Group Case Manager.

4. Complete our simple questionnaire to help us get the facts

The reporting form is quick, easy and designed to help us get to the core of the issue. You have the option to skip questions, empowering you to answer whatever you can or wish to answer.

5. Chat with your Case Manager

Once your answers are submitted, we will assign a Case Manager. Your Case Manager will contact you via your Anonymous Inbox within 2-3 working days and discuss further details or ask you some further questions if necessary.

To the extent it’s reasonable, they will keep you in the loop on the investigation and any action taken in relation to your concern.

Go to our 'Speak-Up’ portal

Read the Blackmores Group ‘Speak Up” (Whistleblower Protection) policy

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