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Our employee benefits

Our employee benefits

Blackmores is committed to providing a working environment that fosters satisfied and engaged employees who share a common desire to be their best.

Blackmores' belief in the importance of recruiting and retaining the best people, developing leading products and nurturing a passion for what we do is the foundation of our approach to working as a team.

Much of our success is underpinned by attracting and retaining high quality team members that share our values and understand what we are trying to achieve together. We ask a lot of each other: open communication, professionalism, performance, and a genuine belief in our business goals and corporate culture.

Blackmores is committed to providing a working environment that fosters satisfied and engaged employees who share a common desire to be their best. We do this by:

1. Flexible and family-friendly workplace

‘Working Together’

The Blackmores Enterprise Agreement and BioCeuticals 2018 Enterprise Agreement (EA). Through our EAs, our team told us what they needed to make the Blackmores Group a great place to work, and we listened. Blackmores’ longstanding agreement creates a working environment that is fair, flexible and practical.

Flexible workplace

Blackmores is supportive of our employees who work part-time, in job share arrangements, and over ‘split’ shifts or with flexible hours so that they can more easily manage their work/life balance.

Parental leave

Paid parental leave (16 weeks) and paid short paternity leave (two weeks) is provided for eligible permanent staff across Australia and New Zealand.

Career break leave

Career break leave between 1 and 12 months unpaid. 

Plus, Blackmores also offers the usual paid annual leave, paid personal/carers leave, as well as study leave, emergency services & defence reserve service leave, long service leave and blood donation leave!

2. Staff wellbeing

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our EAP offers employees and their immediate family the opportunity to obtain independent professional, confidential counselling to assist with personal problems and difficulties.

Staff Liaison Committee (SLC)

The SLC facilitates and monitors a workplace environment with strong two-way communication between management and staff. The SLC is designed to be mutually beneficial and improve the standard of working life and the overall performance of all employees.

Subsidised café

The Blackmores’ Campus in Warriewood NSW features an inviting staff café providing a wide range of healthy, nutritious meals and refreshments for staff at subsidised prices.

Wellness Centre

The Wellness Centre is at the heart of the Blackmores Campus and incorporates treatment rooms for massage and naturopathy, a yoga and pilates area, gym with updated equipment, changing facilities and a 20 metre lap pool. 

Discounted products

Employees receive substantial discounts on all Blackmores Group products.

3. Financial security

Competitive remuneration and 'no cost' superannuation

Blackmores acknowledges the importance of financial security for our employees and makes every attempt to assist  in this area through competitive remuneration, 'no cost' superannuation, financial support when sick, and a share acquisition plan.

Profit share

All permanent employees are eligible to participate in Blackmores’ Profit Share Scheme.

Professional development

Blackmores encourages professional development through financial and study assistance.

4. Encouraging healthy values

Wellbeing Day

Permanent staff members are entitled to one Wellbeing Day each year to to allow them to support their families and communities, observe cultural or religious days or meet other lifestyle needs. 

Matched donations charitable scheme

Employees are encouraged to participate in a charitable scheme whereby 0.5% of their taxable pay is deducted each payday and placed in an interest-bearing trust account. Blackmores matches this amount and twice yearly each participating employee nominates a registered charity to receive the donation.