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Action plan

Your guide to detoxing

Give your body a gentle cleanse and feel refreshed and ready to kick-start a healthier way of living.

  1. Your guide to detoxing
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Digestive health
Digestive health

Travel Calm Ginger


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Blackmores Travel Calm Ginger is a supplement that, when taken prior to travelling, helps to reduce symptoms associated with motion sickness such as nausea, vomiting, vertigo and cold sweats.

Zingiber officinale(ginger):root powder 400 mg


Adults – Take 2 to 3 tablets ½ an hour before travelling; then 1 tablet every 2 hours as required.

Children 6-12 years – Take 1 to 2 tablets ½ an hour before travelling, then ½ to 1 tablet every 2 hours, as required.

Children under 6 years – Only as professionally prescribed.

  • Always read the label
  • Follow directions for use
  • If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional
  • No more than 2 ½ tablets daily to be taken during pregnancy, or as advised by healthcare professional
Digestive health

Lecithin 1200


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This product is available for pre-order.

Blackmores Lecithin 1200 is derived from soybeans and helps support normal liver function and aids normal fat metabolism.

Lecithin:1.2 g (1200 mg)


Adults - Take 1 capsule 4 times per day with a meal. 

Children under 12 years – Only as professionally prescribed.  

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding consult your healthcare professional before use. 

Do not take this product if you have an allergy to lecithin, egg or soy.

28 April 2010

Motion sickness

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Nausea and vomiting that occurs when you’re travelling by car, sea, or plane can be enough to ruin your holiday.

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28 April 2010



Constipation refers to both the infrequent passing of bowel motions and the passing of stools that are hard or dry. In many cases it is due to inadequate fibre intake.

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