Why did we change our labels?

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As part of our ongoing commitment to provide Mums with the best experience when shopping for our products, we are excited to announce we have refreshed our Blackmores Infant Nutrition labels.

We’re listening to our consumers

Feedback from Mums has told us that they want more detailed product information. Buying Infant Formula can be a confusing experience and we want to make the Blackmores range as easy to understand as possible. The refreshed label designs have been updated with new images on the 'how to prepare' guides, and more information on the ingredients to provide the comprehensive detail parents seek.

Most importantly, there is no change to the Blackmores premium quality formulation, ingredients, dosage or efficacy of our products provided by Blackmores.

The new Blackmores labels will ensure our Infant Nutrition range is easier to locate on shelf, being brighter and whiter with a premium gloss finish.  This will allow easier navigation for consumers in store across the range.  Additionally, each label now provides more detailed easy to understand product information and more information on the ingredient list.

From June 2019, we will commence transition to the new look labels.  For a short time, you may see both old and new versions of the Blackmores Infant Nutrition Range, however rest assured that both old and new label designs contain the same premium quality formulation.

Why are you changing your labels?
Blackmores are transitioning to a new brighter and whiter label design.  This will ensure our Infant Nutrition range is easier to locate on shelf.  In addition to the new look, each label now provides more detailed product information including more information on the ingredient list.

What has changed on your labels?
We spoke to some parents and realised the more information about the product range, the better. So, we worked to include more detail on each label making it easier to understand why the Blackmores Infant Nutrition range is nutritionally nutritious (Stage 1 & 2) supplemented food for Toddlers (Stage 3).

Additional information that has been added to our new refreshed packaging is as follows:

Made from Premium Fresh Australian Milk
No added Sugar (sucrose) or artificial sweeteners

The following additional information has been added to our Toddler Milk Drink packaging
Contains Omega-3 (DHA)

Full of nutrients for Healthy Growth & Development*

* Vitamins A, D, E and Calcium (Toddler Milk Drink only)

Essential Vitamins & Minerals**
** Including iron and iodine for cognitive development and Vitamin C and Zinc for immune system function (Toddler Milk Drink only)
Contains OPO/ SN-2 Palmitate as a component of fat (Toddler Milk Drink only)

For more information, please visit Blackmores.com.au/nutrition or call our Advisory Service on 1800 808 669 (AU) or 0508 757 473 (NZ).

Will your formulations also change?
No.  There is no change to the ingredients, quality, dosage or efficacy of our Blackmores Infant Nutrition products.

When will the new Blackmores packaging with new label design start appearing on shelf? 
As we transition to our new labels commencing April 2019, you might see both old and new versions of your favourite Blackmores Infant Nutrition products on shelf for the next 3 months. Please feel confident that our premium formulation is exactly the same so you can happily purchase either the old or new tins, providing the product is used before the stated ‘use by’ date on the bottom of the tin. 

Is the new Blackmores Infant Nutrition range packaging Australian Made?
Yes.  The Blackmores Infant Nutrition range continues to be made in Australia by Tatura, containing proteins from fresh cow’s milk that is sourced directly from local farmers.

The Tatura dairies are located in the idyllic Goulburn Valley in northern Victoria, Australia, close to the Tatura manufacturing facility.

At Tatura the quality assurance levels are very high and robust.  Milk is tested each step of the way from the farm through to the final packaged product.  All of the milk manufactured by Tatura is 100% traceable back to the farm where the milk came from.

Is the new Infant Nutrition range packaging BPA free?
All Blackmores packaging is BPA free, including the Infant Nutrition Range.

Is the new Infant Nutrition range packaging recyclable?
Yes, the Infant Nutrition packaging is recyclable.