How to clean your dog's ears

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What causes infected ears and how can you treat it? Dr Katrina Warren shows how simple it is to keep your dog's ears clean and healthy.

Dr Katrina Warren shares a step by step guide on how to clean your dog's ears:

1. What's the key to healthy ears? Keep them clean and prevent them from accumulating wax which can cause irritation and infection

2. Which dogs are more prone to infection?

     a) Dogs with long pendulous ears

     b) Dogs with hairy ears

3. How often should you check their ears?

     a) Weekly

     b) Always after swimming

4. How to clean your dog's ears:

     a) Get your dog used to you handling their ears by rewarding them with lots of treats

     b) Lift the ears and squeeze in Gentle ear cleaner

     c) Massage the base of the ear

     d) Clean excess gunk using a cotton ball - you may notice some dark discharge from their ear (which is normal and the wax being removed from the ear)

If your pet is showing any signs of discomfort when being touched on the ears, seek advice from your vet.

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