Winter grooming

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During the colder months, it is tempting for pet owners to pack away the clippers and put cold baths on hold, however this can often cause them more harm than good.

Pampering when it’s pouring
Washing your pooch on a cold Winters day is probably as unappealing to you as it is to your pet, however it is as important as during the Summer months. Washing your pet in the morning will allow their coat to dry during the day and towel drying and brushing will also speed up the process.

Make sure you use a conditioner to moisturise you pets coat and skin, as many pets, like humans, suffer from dry skin and dandruff during the colder months. Brushing your pet’s coat daily will reduce the number of times you need to wash them and a grooming mist or skin care spot can help to keep their coats soft, shiny, and smelling fresh.

Long coats can be a drag
Long coats require more maintenance than shorter ones, as they take longer to dry after getting wet. They also knot, tangle and mat easily and will often collect dirt. What this means for your four-legged friend is itchy, sore skin, (which can lead to more serious skin conditions), and an odour that will keep even the most enthused pooch-patter at bay. To prevent this, ensure you continue to groom your pet, opt for a longer clip and brush their coat daily so they are better equipped to combat the cold.

Comfort from the cold
If you are curled up indoors under a blanket on a cold and windy night, chances are your pet is feeling the chill too. Pets that are young, old or only covered by a short coat, will feel the cold more fiercely and the easiest way to minimise their exposure is to bring them inside. Alternatively a kennel or protected area will shield them from a wet, windy night, as will bedding that is raised off the ground. A trampoline bed to prop up your pooch, covered with a towel or blanket works well, while your feline friends might prefer a blanket-lined basket. And for modern mutts and fashion-forward felines, a little jacket will keep them looking swish, smart and warm as well.