Six crazy cat tales

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Nothing raises a giggle (for everyone except the owner) like a story about crazy cat antics. Here are six reader stories that will have you in stitches

Cats do all kinds of nutty things that only make sense to them. They run and fly at imaginary foe, they eyeball you while going to the toilet, and they quite enjoy snuggling up on your lap – with their bottom firmly in your face. So a quick round up of my friends stories about their kitty’s quirks bore some serious gold. Our vet Dr Felicia Tam also comments on what might be lurking behind their behaviour – though we secretly suspect they do it just to mess with their humans!

"My cat goes out at night and brings me home gifts from people's washing lines. I now have five flannel shirts, a new towel, a full bed sheet and other miscellaneous stuff." 

"My cat once bought me home a bird and left it by my bed. Unfortunately, I didn't know it was there, and I stood on it in the middle of the night."

Dr Tam says these two cheeky cats are showing basic ‘gifting’ behaviour – thanking you for your good service by providing you with presents. While a hard habit to curb, take heart that some have it far worse – there’s a cat in the UK that stole hundreds of items off neighbouring washing lines, and one whose video of him caught in the act of thievery has racked up plenty of Youtube views!

"When my cat is unhappy with me, he pees in my closet on my shoes. Once he took a shirt from my washing pile and put it in his litter - peed on it and buried it." 

This is a tricky one- troublesome toileting habits can actually be a sign of ill health, or that they need a bigger (or cleaner) litter tray. It’s also not completely out of the question it’s a sign of discontent; while experts argue your cat would have to have learned that urinating on your clothes will annoy you or attract attention, stress is recognised as a potential reason for abandoning their standards.

"My cat is often found sleeping upside down on the stair case. I can't even describe it properly - it's like he is halfway through a backwards somersault and stops. And sleeps there for ages." 

Congratulations – Dr Tam says cats sleep in odd, but relaxed (for them) positions when they feel happy and content, and they trust the folk around them. Showing their belly and not being primed for bolting generally mean you’re dealing with a happy customer! And if you’ve never seen a cat in a weird sleeping position – here’s a hilarious mashup video of some the funniest feline napping positions.

"Cats are supposed to hate water, but mine comes in to the shower - and screams at me if I shut the door. I've checked she has enough water, but she just wants to wind around my legs. She also gets very vocal if we don't let her watch the toilet flush - if you go into the toilet, she's there, waiting for you to finish, and peers into the bowl as you flush." 

"I always thought this was a dog thing, but my cat is obsessed with dirty underwear and gym gear - doesn't even try and be sneaky, will happily pounce on it in front of you." 

First up, Dr Tam says not all cats do hate water, some actively enjoy it. That aside, both these quirks are often down to your cat loving you and wanting to be part of your day. They are creatures that love habit, and it’s pretty common for humans to start their day with a shower and visit to the loo, so your cat will jump on in so they can be part of this routine. 

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