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Cats get arthritis too

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Studies show that arthritis in cats is far more common than owners expect, with 15‐22% of cats showing signs of arthritis. Many of us don’t recognise the symptoms in our feline companions as we just simply think they slow down and get tired as they get older.

In fact, 82% of cats over the age of 14 have osteoarthritis in at least one joint. Arthritis in dogs usually affects the joints in the legs whereas cats often develop pain and stiffness in their spine which leads to different symptoms. When cats experience arthritis pain they reduce their activity which can restrict their quality of life, so it is important to look for behavioural changes such as:

  • An inability to jump up and play as they used to
  • Difficulty using the litter tray
  • Becoming stiff after resting
  • Difficulty grooming, resulting in poor coat condition

If your cat is exhibiting any of the above symptoms you should consider consulting your local vet or vet nurse, as they will be able to recommend an appropriate management program for pain relief and joint care for your cat.

How PAW Osteosupport® Joint Care Powder Can Help

PAW Osteosupport for cats contains Perna128®, a freshly harvested green lipped mussel powder with a high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids (including EPA/DHA/ETA), antioxidants and glycosaminoglycans (chondroitin) to help relieve arthritis symptoms and aid joint care in cats.

In recent clinical reviews, 100% of cat owners stated that Osteosupport was easy to administer as cats only need one capsule a day, which can be simply opened and sprinkled over their food. Osteosupport has been shown to be a fast, effective joint solution for cats with 80% of cat owners stating their cat’s mobility was improved within 3 weeks.*

*Piggott, R & Webster AJW. Evaluation of the Efficacy & Safety of Osteosupport Joint Care Powder containing 500mg Perna128 Green Lipped Mussel (500mg Perna canaliculus) for arthritis in cats using measures and activity monitoring to measure pain relief.