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Combining Blackmores natural healthcare heritage with veterinary expertise, PAW by Blackmores delivers innovative and proven natural healthcare products, so you can show your pet you care.

PAW Skin and coat health

PAW by Blackmores Coat, Skin + Nails Multivitamin Chews

1Highly palatable fish and chickpea based protein chews help support healthy skin, a shiny coat and strong nails in your dog. It contains as…

For animal use only


PAW Coat, Skin + Nails Multivitamin Chews contain essential nutrients such as Biotin and Chia seeds to maintain healthy skin and coat.

PAW Coat, Skin & Nails Multivitamin Chews Ingredients

Chia seed 250 mg, besan flour, flaxseed powder 688 mg, silica powder, copra, vitamin A, vitamin E, menadione (K3), riboflavin (B2), cyancobalamin (B12), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), folic acid (B9), biotin (B7) 3 µg, copper sulphate, iron sulphate, manganese oxide, calcium iodate, zinc sulphate (zinc 6.7 mg), selenium, omega 3, ascorbic acid, thiamine (B1), pyridoxine (B6), guar gum, glycerine, naturox, fish meal, rye flour, soy flour, sodium chloride, pectin, sodium stearyl lactylate, turmeric extract, hydrolysed vegetable protein powder, acetic acid, smokey beef flavour, potassium sorbate, water.


Dog Weight & Daily Dose (5g):
  • 1-4.9 kg - ½ chew
  • 5-14.9 kg - 1 chew
  • 15-29.9 kg - 2 chews
  • 30 kg+ - 3 chews

This product contains fish meal.

For animal consumption only.

PAW Grooming

PAW by Blackmores 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo

Make doggy bath time a pleasure with this easy 2 in 1 shampoo solution! This pH balanced conditioning shampoo will gently clean and adult…

For animal use only


Formulated for all adult dogs, PAW 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo is pH balanced for adult dogs with healthy skin.

Using pawDerm®technology it combines:
  • Hypoallergenic sulphate free cleaners for a gentle clean without irritating or stripping natural oils from the skin.
  • Rich moisturising & nourishing conditioners to soften, detangle & enrich the coat & skin.
  • Natural essential oils of lavender & jojoba to provide nutrients and a fresh pure scent to the skin and coat.

2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo Ingredients

Purified water, disodium laureth sulphosuccinate, carbopol aqua, lauryl glucoside, sodium cocoamphoacetate, cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerin (vegetable), salt (dairy), D panthenol, sodium hydroxide, jojoba oil, tetrasodium EDTA, tocopherol (vitamin E), lavender oil, optiphen.


Wet coat thoroughly with clean, warm water and apply conditioning shampoo to several areas across the body.

Massage gently to form a rich, even later. Rinse well with clean, warm water.

PAW Health and vitality

PAW by Blackmores Wellness + Vitality Multivitamin Chews

Highly palatable chews with alkalising ingredients to maintain general wellness & vitality.


For animal use only


PAW Wellness + Vitality chews are highly palatable tasty chews with antioxidants (spirulina and blueberries) to maintain a healthy immune system, magnesium to support strong bones and teeth, kale providing minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients.

Wellness & Vitality Multivitamin Chews Ingredients

Fish meal, rye flour, salmon oil, water, magnesium phosphate (equiv. to magnesium65 mg), soy flour, sodium chloride, spirulina 50 mg, ascorbic acid, blueberry powder 25 mg, kale 25 mg, omega 3, zinc sulphate, iron sulphate, vitamin E, copper sulphate, niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), manganese oxide, riboflavin (B2), thiamine (B1), pyridoxine (B6), calcium iodate (iodine), menadione (K3), vitamin A, selenium, folic acid (B9), cyanocobalamin (B12), biotin (B7), guar gum, glycerine, besan flour, sodium stearyl lactylate, hydrolysed vegetable protein powder, pectin, acetic acid, turmeric extract, smokey beef flavour, naturox, potassium sorbate.


PAW Wellness + Vitality chews are available in a 300 g tub. Each tub contains approx. 60 chews.

Directions for use: Feed chew(s) daily with meals.

  • Dog Weight  Daily Dose (5g)
  • 1-4 kg:   ½ chew
  • 5-14.9 kg: 1 chew
  • 15-29.9 kg: 2 chews
  • 30 kg+:  3 chews

This product contains fish meal.

For animal consumption only.

PAW Ear care

PAW by Blackmores Gentle Ear Cleaner

A natural, gentle ear cleaner that cleans without irritation. For animal use only

For animal use only


This easy-to-apply, natural and gentle formulation cleans your pet's ears without irritation by dissolving and removing excess wax, dirt and debris.

Dirty ears can lead to infection, so it’s important to make ear cleaning part of your pet’s grooming routine. This product contains no alcohol or irritants and is designed to be used only once a week, making it easy for you and your pet!

For animal consumption only. Read the label carefully before use.

Gentle Ear Cleaner Ingredients

Purified water, sorbitol, glycerin (vegetable), disodium cocoamphodiacetate, lauryl glucoside (50%), D-panthenol, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, sodium gluconate, sodium citrate, hyaluronic acid, hydrolysed oats, citric acid, aloe vera, citrus orange oil, piroctone olamine, mandarin peel oil.


PAW Gentle Ear Cleaner should be used once a week or as directed by your veterinarian. Before first use, remove the protector seal from inside the lid.

    1. Squeeze PAW Gentle Ear Cleaner directly into the ear, filling the ear canal.

    2. Gently massage the base of the ear for 30 seconds.

    3. Use a clean tissue to gently wipe away excess liquid and remove debris.

Consult veterinarian before use if the ear is very red, painful, swollen, extremely odorous or contains pus-like discharge.
Discontinue use if the ear becomes worse after use and consult your veterinarian. Do not use if the ear drum is damaged.

PAW Wound care

PAW by Blackmores Manuka Wound Gel™

A sterile medical grade wound dressing made from Leptospermum.sp (Manuka) honey (80%) and natural oils and waxes for wound management. It a…

For animal use only


PAW Manuka Wound Gel™ is a sterile medical grade wound dressing made from Leptospermum.sp (Manuka) honey (80%) and natural oils and waxes for wound management. It is ideal for dogs, cats, horses and other companion animals with wounds, burns, grazes and as a general first aid.

Manuka Wound Gel Ingredients

The ingredients in PAW Manuka Wound Gel™ include Manuka Honey (80%), natural Gum, bees wax, and nourishing organic oils. This product is sterile and of medical grade.


Available in a sterile 25g & 100g tube with induction seal and screw cap.

Directions for Use

Wash around the wound with a sterile saline. Apply PAW Manuka Wound Gel™ liberally (approx. 3mm layer) directly to the wound or to a suitable dressing. In addition using a barrier cream can further protect the wound margin. Dressing change frequency will depend on clinical circumstances. It can vary from once per day for draining wounds to up to 7 days for unsoiled dressings. PAW Manuka Wound Gel™ can be removed from the wound by rinsing with sterile saline or water at dressing change.

  • Not for use on heavily exudating wounds.
  • Not recommended for body cavities.
  • In the event of a slow or non-responding wound, please seek veterinary advice.

PAW Digestive health

PAW by Blackmores Digest + Protect Puppy Care

Quality fish and chickpea protein chews, designed for puppies to support healthy development of the digestive and immune system.

For animal use only


Start early when it comes to protecting your puppy's digestion and immunity!

Diarrhoea is a common problem in puppies as they transition to new homes and experience new environments.

Specifically designed for puppies and formulated by the expert vets at PAW by Blackmores, these tasty chews contain key ingredients, vitamins and minerals to support digestive health and immunity including:

  • Yang®, Lallemand Animal Nutrition, inactivated yeast (containing beta glucan) - a unique ingredient which supports immune health.
  • Spirulina - to support the immune system and gut health.
  • Bovine colostrum - which may improve faecal quality as well as general vitality and immunity in puppies.
  • Inulin - a prebiotic which may have a beneficial impact on digestive health and the gut microbiome.

Digest plus Protect Puppy Care Ingredients

Rye flour, besan flour, colostrum blend (contains bovine colostrum powder 209 mg), fish meal, glycerine, soy flour, inulin 108.9 mg, water, guar gum, multicare premix 53 mg (containing zinc sulphate, omega 3, iron sulphate, dextrose, vitamin E, copper sulphate, niacin (B3), pharma oil, pantothenic acid (B5), manganese oxide, riboflavin (B2), thiamine (B1), menadione (K3), pyridoxine (B6), calcium iodate, selenium, folic acid, cyanocobalamin (B12), biotin (B7), vitamin A), spirulina powder 50 mg, sodium chloride, inactivated yeast 40 mg (contains beta glucan), sodium stearyl lactylate, salmon oil, acetic acid 8%, pectin, gelatine, smokey beef flavour, ascorbic acid, hydrolysed vegetable protein powder, potassium sorbate, turmeric extract, naturox.


Feed chew(s) daily with meals.

Puppy’s weight/ Daily dose 2.5g

  • 1-9.9kg – 1 Chew
  • 10-24.9kg – 2 Chew
  • 25+kg – 3 Chew
  • For animal use only.

    PAW Liver health

    PAW by Blackmores HepatoAdvanced® Liver Support

    Concentrated antioxidant supplement to aid in the management of compromised liver biomarkers. Available for sale in vet clinics only.

    For animal use only

    Find out more

    PAW HepatoAdvanced® is a convenient tablet containing a blend of bioavailable antioxidants, including clinically trialled Siliphos®, providing detoxification support in the management of liver health in dogs and cats.

    Available in 2 sizes:

    • Cat & Small Dog (<15kg): In this NEW formulation we’ve improved the ease of administration without compromising on therapeutic efficacy. We’ve achieved this by crafting a smaller and easier-to-give format that aids in the management of compromised liver biomarkers in cats and dogs.
    • Medium & Large Dog (>15kg)

    Key benefits include:

    • Supports the production of glutathione.
    • Promotes liver detoxification.
    • May protect against negative effects on the liver caused by some medications.
    • Supports liver health in pets presenting with acute liver toxicity.
    • Supports brain health in dogs.


    Available in 2 sizes:

    • Cats and Small dogs<15kg
    • Medium to large dogs>15kg
      Weight         Cat & Small Dog Dosage
      Medium & Large Dog Dosage
      1 kg - 2.4 kg
      1 chewable tablet daily  
      2.5 kg - 9.9 kg 2 chewable tablets daily  
      10 kg - 14.9 kg
      3 chewable tablets daily  1/2 chewable tablet daily
      15 kg - 29.9 kg
        1 chewable tablet daily
      30 kg -59.9kg
         2 chewable tablets* daily

      *DO NOT exceed 2 chewable tablets per 24 hour period.

      For optimal absorption, administer HepatoAdvanced® (as per the dosing chart above), once a day on an empty stomach.


    Direction for use:

    Consult your veterinarian about correct dosing and use of this product.


    • Use with caution in pregnant or lactating animals as safe use has not been established in this population.
    • Concurrent use with behavioural medication may cause additive serotonergic effects.
    • Do not use if blister seal is broken.

    PAW Joint care

    PAW by Blackmores Fish Oil 500: Veterinary Strength

    Fish Oil is one of the most popular supplements taken in human health, with many proven benefits to assist in a variety of conditions. Now…

    For animal use only

    Find out more

    PAW Fish Oil 500: Veterinary Strength is a concentrated blend of liquid fish oil with no added artificial colours or flavours. It contains Blackmores fish oil with omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, formulated specifically for pets based on standard ratios recommended by the US National Research Council. 

    • Supports maintenance of general health and wellbeing of your dog.
    • Concentrated low volume formulation, reduces diarrhoea risk.
    • Easy to calculate dosing.Mild fishy odour for better acceptance by pets.
    • Deodorised, purified and concentrated.
    • No added artificial colours or flavours.
    • Mercury, Dioxin & PCB tested.
    • Available in 200ml bottle with easy to dose pump dispenser

    Fish Oil 500: Veterinary Strength Ingredients

    PAW Fish Oil 500: Veterinary Strength contains Fish oil and Mixed Tocopherol


    PAW Fish Oil 500: Veterinary Strength is sold exclusively through Veterinary clinics and can be added directly to your pets’ food. Consult your veterinarian for the appropriate dosage regime for your dog.

    PAW Fish Oil 500: Veterinary Strength - Dosage Guide
    Contains 500mg/mL EPA+DHA, doses are calculated to Metabolic Body Weight

    Daily Dose
    (mg/kg 0.75)

    Daily Dose
    (10kg Dog)

    7 pumps
    Renal Disease
    4 pumps
    Atopy, IBD, Cardiovascular, Idiopathic Hyperlipidaemia
    3 pumps
    1 pump every 2nd day

    Each measured dose pump of PAW FISH OIL 500: Veterinary Strength delivers 0.5 mL (250mg EPA+DHA). The recommended dosages for fish oil in dogs are based on metabolic body weight, i.e. mg/kg

     ** These dosages are recommended for dogs; please consult your Veterinarian about correct dosing for other small animal species 

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