Help, my dog has allergies!

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Allergies are usually lifelong and can be frustrating and hard to manage. Your vet can help you develop an allergy management plan that is tailored to your dog’s needs. Here are the three key elements to this plan.

1. Avoid

Allergic dogs have triggers that can send them down into a vicious cycle of itch. Avoiding triggers can help reduce your dog’s flare-ups.

Even if you can’t see them, for allergic dogs, it can only take one flea bite to start the itch cycle. Control fleas on your pet and in the environment, year round.

Allergic dogs become itchy after coming into contact with allergens in the environment. Reducing exposure to allergens might look like avoiding areas that cause your dog to flare such as grassy areas and bushland.

Dogs with allergies are more prone to skin infections. Using a gentle medicated shampoo regularly can help to maintain a healthy skin ecosystem.

2. Cleanse

Allergens in the environment can accumulate on your dog’s haircoat. Cleansing with gentle shampoos and conditioners regularly are an important way to reduce the allergen load on your dog’s skin and to help hydrate and relieve itch.

PAW NutriDerm® Shampoo
Contains colloidal oatmeal to soothe itch skin and can be used for bathing itchy and dry skin every 1-2 weeks.

PAW NutriDerm® Conditioner
Can be used as a normal conditioner, as a leave in or as a spray (2 parts water, 1 part conditioner). The spray can be applied as needed for itchy pets.

Wash with NutriDerm® Replenishing Shampoo and NutriDerm® Replenishing Conditioner weekly.

Top Tip: Make NutriDerm® Replenishing Conditioner into a spray - simply dilute in a ratio of 2 parts water, 1 part conditioner for a soothing spray that can be applied as needed to moisturise the skin.

3. Nourish

Over time, all the scratching and itching that allergic dogs do can be very damaging to the skin. To provide additional care for allergic pets, here are some ways you can support your dog’s skin barrier.

Essential fatty acids
Essential fatty acids have important roles in maintaining hydration and flexibility of the skin. Dogs aren’t able to make these on their own so they need to be provided via supplementation, or directly to the skin itself.

PAW Dermega®
Contains omega-3 & omega-6 essential fatty acids and is ideal for dogs with inflamed, allergic or itchy skin. It is easy to add to your pet’s diet in an innovative non-drip pump pack.

For pets who are fussy or cannot have oils added into the diet:

Dermoscent® Essential 6®
This is a supplement that is applied directly to the skin, in a single spot on the back of the neck. It also contains omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids.

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