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Fish Oil 1000
Fish Oil 1000


Blackmores Fish Oil 1000 provides a high-quality natural source of omega-3. It contains 300 mg of omega-3 per capsule to maintain heart, skin, eye and brain health and is ideal if you don’t eat fish 2-3 times per week.

Why use

  • Maintains heart, skin, eye and brain health
  • Ideal if you don’t eat fish 2-3 times per week
  • Natural source of omega-3
  • Rigorously tested for mercury, dioxins and PCBs
  • Supports general health and wellbeing

The Blackmores difference

All Blackmores fish oil is extracted from 100% wild caught small fish. The specialised extraction process ensures purified, high quality oil that is rigorously tested for mercury, dioxins and PCBs.

Active ingredients per capsule


For heart, skin and general health:
Adults - Take 2 capsules a day with a meal, or as professionally prescribed

For brain and eye health:
Adults - Take 3 capsules a day with a meal, or as professionally prescribed

For healthy growth and development in children:
Children 1+ years - Take 2 capsules a day (ages 1 - 12 years, pierce or squeeze into milk, juice or cereal)

Children under 1 year - Only as professionally prescribed


  • Always read the label and follow the directions for use
  • Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate
  • Contains fish and sulfites
  • If you have any pre-existing conditions, or are on any medications always talk to your health professional before use
  • Some products should be ceased at least two weeks before any elective surgery, please confirm with your health professional

Physical description

A clear, yellow, oblong, soft gelatin capsule.

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Hi, Can I know whether this product is halal certified at the moment?????
Hi, could you please tell me how much IU of vitamin D is provided in one dosage (two capsules)? Thanks.
hi, I wanna ask that do we have to swallow the capsule with water?
Hi, just wondering if you test for oxidation in your fish oil ?
Hi what will be the expiry date of Fish Oil 1000 400 cap. if I order it online now? Thanks.
I have ordered this product in my country (Thailand) and it was just only 20$US , so I wonder how I can identify whether it's counterfeit or not due to its cheap price. Btw, it said that it was imported and distributed from Singapore.
Does this have any citrus in it? There is no indication on the label but I have found many fish oil supplements add it and this one seems to as well given the effect it’s having
hi. may i know is Blackmores fishoil 1000au is halal certified? ive read from your comment that the capsule is bovine beef based. Cross checking, Blackmores Malaysia fish oil is halal certified from Australian body and it is packed at the same place as Blackmores Fish Oil 1000 au which is the Jubilee Avenue ... i cant remember the full address. Please enlighten me. Thankyou.