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PAW by Blackmores Conditioning & Grooming Spray

An easy way to moisturise, detangle & freshen your dog’s coat between washes. In a simple spray, this alcohol free formula is a gentle, effective way to keep your dog’s coat in great condition.

200 spray bottle $0.10 per ml

For animal use only



The PAW Conditioning & Grooming Spray is a gentle alcohol free spray that moisturises, freshens & detangles the coat, making conditioning easy by using a simple spray application.

It uses pawDerm® technology that combines:

  • Gentle conditioning and detangling agents for a silky smooth & coat.
  • Rich moisturising & conditioning ingredients for coat skin health.
  • Natural essential oils for a naturally fresh pure scent.

The PAW Conditioning and Grooming Spray also features a mini trigger, which:

  • Improves the coverage and application.
  • Makes it even easier to condition & groom pets with the 200 mL bottle.

Why use

Ideal for caring pet owners who want the best grooming care for their pet.

The Blackmores difference

The PAW Conditioning & Grooming Spray features a mini trigger which offers ‘QuickSpray Control’, achieving optimal coverage to all areas of the pet's coat. Just a few sprays and a comb through for a soft, silky, tangle-free coat that smells naturally fresh!

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Purified water, glycerin (vegetable), cetrimonium chloride, surfactant, hydrolysed oats, lactic acid, preservative, panthenol, lavender oil, jojoba oil.


Conditioning & Grooming Mist is available in a 200ml recyclable bottle with ‘QuickSpray Control’ that continues working at any angle for effective application to all areas of the coat – making conditioning easy.

Use between washes to freshen the coat. It can also be used after bathing for the extra special finish.

Physical description

A direct clear liquid that sprays directly onto the coat. It will spray on wet to allow the product to be groomed through the coat, and will dry in minutes.
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