PAW by Blackmores Sensitive Skin Conditioner

Developed by vets specifically for dogs with fragile skin. Provides key nutrients and deeply moisturises the coat and skin to maintain skin health.
500 bottle $0.06 per ml

For animal use only



Your furry friend deserves a strong, well-conditioned coat – without knots and tangles.

PAW by Blackmores Sensitive Skin Conditioner is suitable for dogs with all skin types. Formulated to moisturise even fragile skin, the conditioner:

  • Is pH balanced for canine skin.
  • Contains no soaps or sulphates.
  • Contains no artificial fragrances.
  • Contains botanical essential oils for a fresh natural scent.

Why use

Use with dogs that have sensitive, fragile skin, particularly breeds who are pre-disposed to skin issues, such as terriers and retrievers.

The Blackmores difference

Formulated to moisturise even fragile skin, this hypoallergenic, pH balanced conditioning solution works to nourish the skin and coat without stripping their skin's natural oils.

PAW Sensitive Skin Conditioner New Look
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Purified water, cetearyl alcohol, glycerin (vegetable), sufractant, avocado oil, jojoba oil, preservatives thickener, vitamin E, rose oil, patchouli oil, Australian sandalwood oil.


  • 500 ml easy pour, clip top pack.


For animal use only.

Physical description

A creamy colour & light texture.

Frequently asked questions

Two of the major causes of skin reactions to topical shampoos are harsh surfactant ingredients (cleaning agents) and artificial (synthetic) fragrances. They can result in skin irritation, drying, dandruff, itchiness and even hair loss.

Sulphates are the most commonly used surfactant (cleaning agent) in human and animal products as they are effective cleansers and very low cost. However they are also strong irritants. The two primary sulphate surfactants used in most products are Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and its ethoxylated equivalent Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES). Both cleansers are made by “sulphating” palm oil. PAW by Blackmores recommends avoiding products containing SLS and SLES because of the irritancy and the presence of “objectionable trace impurities”. SLS has also been shown to cause the skin to become more sensitive to other ingredients and irritants.

Artificial (synthetic) fragrances are another major cause of irritation to the skin. Pure Animal Wellbeing only uses 100% Botanical fragrances and essential oils to provide skin friendly, natural fresh scents pleasing to dogs and humans alike.

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