REME-D for Migraine Headache

Helps reduce the frequency of mild migraine headaches with regular use.
This medicine may not be right for you. Read the warnings (below) before purchase.

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Blackmores REME-D for Migraine-Headache may assist in reducing the frequency of mild migraine headaches with regular use.

Why use

  • May help reduce the frequency of mild migraine-headaches with regular use
  • Reduce symptoms (such as nausea and vomiting) associated with migraines
  • B vitamins help support a healthy nervous system

The Blackmores difference

At Blackmores, we strongly believe in proactively managing headaches.

This may include regular use of REME-D in addition to an integrated management plan that includes stress management and medications following advice from your health professional.

Active ingredients per capsule

Tanacetum parthenium- feverfew


(standardised to contain parthenolide 400 µg)

Vitamin B2


Riboflavin (vitamijn B2) is a water-soluble vitamin involved in ATP production and the metabolism of many of the other B group vitamins. Food sources include almonds, mushrooms and wild rice. Vitamin B2 supplements may change urine colour to bright yellow.This is harmless and temporary.

Vitamin B6


Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) is a water-soluble nutrient involved in the production of proteins, neurotransmitters and haemoblobin. Whole grains, legumes, bananas, seeds, nuts and potatoes are good sources of vitamin B6.

Folic acid


A water-soluble B group vitamin, folate is involved in the synthesis of DNA and RNA and the activation of vitamin B12 into it's active form. Folic acid is found in fresh green leafy vegetables, broccoli, mushrooms, legumes, nuts and fortified cereals.

Vitamin B12


Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) is an essential water-soluble nutrient needed for protein and DNA synthesis, folate metabolism, and red blood cell production. Food sources of vitamin B12 include egg yolk, fish, beef, milk and cheese.

Magnesium orotate dihydrate (magnesium 3.63 mg)

56.72 mg


Adults- Take 1 tablet per day, increasing to 2 per day as required, or as professionally prescribed

The beneficial effects of taking Blackmores REME-D for Migraine-Headache occur with regular use for several months


  • Always read the label
  • Follow the directions for use
  • If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional
  • Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate
  • Not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Contains soya
  • If you have any pre-existing conditions or are on any medications always talk to your healthcare professional before use

Physical description

Yellow powder in a clear hard capsule
Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.

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Hi, would this product be ok for use in children? My 11yo suffers from migraines.
Thank you
Tiziana 19 Jan 2018

I have a question about my order. I ordered on December 1st, but my order has not been dispatched yet. Is it out of the stock?
Yu 06 Dec 2017
Hi. Are you able to confirm whether this product is vegan? Are there any ingredients from animal origin?
Caroline 26 Aug 2017
Hello Blackmores
I went to the chemist warehouse at Carseldine about a month ago looking for my Vitamin B that I usually take and there was a lady from Blackmores there filling the shelves and she starting questions what I take them for. This lovely lady put me onto Reme-D as I'm a migraine suffer and have been for years.
I would like to thank her very much as I haven't felt this good in years and best of all my migraines have decreased yay.
So thank you Blackmores lady
Tania 05 May 2016
hello blackmores
this product only for women ? or can use for men to?
merlinda 11 Apr 2016
It's been quite some time but when will the Reme-D be available soon?!
Eileen Chhia
Eileen Chhia 11 Feb 2016
Hello. I would like to ask you to re-confirm that this product is supplement only, it is not considered as prescribing drug. Is that correct?
On the other hand, I would like to ask more about the administration of the product, I see your recommendation that the product should be used several months to obtain migraine headache control. However, I do not understand clearly that several months is how long? 2months or 3 months or longer? and after the time, how long should I take the product again? should I take the product when migraine headache come back?
Thank you for your support.
TrangThu 02 Nov 2015
Is this considered as. vitamin or medicine ?
Anonymous 06 Sep 2015