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Superkids Omega Brain Chewables
Superkids Omega Brain Chewables

50 capsules $0.30 per capsule


A good source of Omega-3 (DHA), this naturally delicious orange-berry flavoured chewable capsule provides a daily dose of essential fatty acids to help support kids’ healthy growth and development.

Why use

Blackmores Superkids Omega Brain Chewables are a 99.5% sugar free formulation to support healthy growth and development, as well as brain function in kids.
  • Omega-3s fatty acids are referred to as essential fats because the body cannot make them from other fats or raw materials, it must get them from food
  • Omega-3s are important for brain development. The human brain is nearly 60 percent fat, and essential fatty acids play an important role in building the structure of the brain
  • Omega 3s are also important for cognitive function and the brains’ ability to perform
  • DHA is needed for the healthy development and function of the retina and visual cortex in the eyes
  • Iodine helps support healthy cognitive function, which may support healthy learning

The Blackmores difference

Blackmores Superkids Omega Brain Chewables are 99.5% sugar free and still taste delicious.

Kids naturally enjoy a sweet taste but we all know that sugar isn’t good for a growing kid’s teeth or body.

Blackmores Superkids Omega Brain Chewables are sweetened with xylitol and sorbitol - from natural carbohydrate sources and from the leaves of the stevia plant.
Blackmores Superkids Omega Brain Chewable is free from artificial colours to keep everyone happy!

All Blackmores fish oil is extracted from 100% wild caught small fish. The specialised extraction process ensures purified, high quality oil that is rigorously tested for mercury, dioxins and PCBs.

Support your little Well Being with Blackmores – Australia’s Most Trusted vitamin and dietary supplements brand*.

*Australia’s most trusted vitamin and supplement brand as voted by Australians in the 2009-2020 Readers Digest Most Trusted Survey

Active ingredients per capsule


Children 1-2 years - Pierce 1 capsule and squeeze into milk, juice or cereal once a day, or as professionally prescribed. Consume immediately. 

Children 3-12 years - 
Chew (do not swallow whole) 1 capsule once a day, or as professionally prescribed. Take with food.


  • Always read the label and follow the directions for use
  • Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate
  • Contains fish, soya bean products and sulfites
  • Excess consumption may have a laxative effect
  • If you have any pre-existing conditions, or are on any medications always talk to your health professional before use
  • Some products should be ceased at least two weeks before any elective surgery, please confirm with your health professional
  • Use only under adult supervision. Not recommended for children under 1 year

Physical description

Opaque purple, oval soft-gel capsule

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Hai, i want question, Does this product contain pork or other non-halal ingredients?
I am very interesting in this product. Does this product already exported to indonesia by Kalbe? And does this product have a Halal Certification?
Good day! When could my kid use this? Morning, afternoon or evening? Thank you.