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Ask a Physio

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How do you prevent running injuries? Ask our expert Physiotherapists.

Got a question for Brad and the team at Sydney Physio Solutions? Ask them in the comments section below!

Dr Brad McIntosh and the team at Sydney Physio Solutions have partnered with Blackmores again for the 2019 Sydney Running Festival.  This is the 9th year that Brad and his team of experienced running Physiotherapists have helped out by answering your injury prevention and management questions.

Sydney Physio Solutions is a group of leading Physiotherapy clinics, based in the Sydney CBD and Chatswood.



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Hi Brad. I am training for the half marathon and over the last couple of months I have increased my running kilometres and cut back on my regular exercise routine - HIIT, interval running, strength training. A few weeks ago I experienced pain towards the end of a 10km run and it persisted for a week later (I took two weeks off running). The pain ran from the inside of my right hamstring downwards, along the inside of my knee and into my calf. I would describe the pain as a sickly, uncomfortable pain where any twisting or bending would be really painful. I have the pain on and off now, and it tends to come on towards the end of a long run and then I notice it subtly the next day. I haven’t run more than 12km. I read a little bit about it and I think it may have something to do with weakness in my hips and overuse? My right hip always gets sore, after any training so I have been trying to incorporate hip strengthening exercises but I’m not sure how much of this is helping or if I’m doing enough. Can you suggest what the injury might be and possible management? Thanks a lot.
Katie Olivares
Katie Olivares 14 Aug 2019
Hi there, I am currently training for the Sydney 1/2 marathon. I have done a few Marathons and halves over the years. My problem is I am getting cramp in 2 of my toes on my right foot when I usually am 12kms or further into my runs. I am also getting numbness in my left foot as well. I have researched these and dehydration is one thing that may be the cause. I did my long run of 18kms on the weekend and struggled the last 4kms. I have to stop with the cramp and raised may foot for a few seconds or longer, then carry on. The numbness I just put up with and carry on. I have good shoes and these are the ones that the podiatrist suggested and I have used for years. Your help with this would be very much appreciated. Thank you, Helen (from NZ)
Helen 13 Aug 2019
Hi Brad. I’ve had gluteal amnesia in my right glute for 6 months. No exercise seems to activate it. The bottom of the glute where the butt crease meets the upper leg sags. There’s no pain. If I run, the quads, hamstrings and calves do all the work and are sore the next day. It happened after inflammation of the hamstring where it attaches to the pelvis. After 8 weeks the upper hamstring healed, but the glute expanded and was left sagging. Is there an injection or anything else I can do to stimulate the glute? Many thanks, Ken.
Ken 12 Aug 2019
Hi there, this year recently I have been getting pain in legs, I did change my shoes a month ago and when I did the real life 10km my left foot felt pain on the sole, and recently c2s I had shin splints and made it impossible to run. I did some on line research and could be to how tight my legs are, wonder if how tight my legs are are connected to foot sole pain and shin splints
Hi Brad. I have some pain along the lateral part of my foot about midway along. I noticed it was slightly painful to weightbear on Sunday night after a longish trail run. I don’t remember any point of actual injury although did land a bit awkwardly now and again. The area looks slightly bruised but not tender on palpation. I’m icing and resting and using anti inflammatories. I’ve also been getting into the lateral side of my calf with a spiky ball as I can feel that it’s a bit tight with some knotty spots. Is there anything else I should be doing. I was planning on City2surf this weekend but don’t want to jeopardise my half. I’m 55 and post menopausal so the tendons are not quite as “bouncy” as the used to be. I would welcome any advice. I’ve been running for quite a few years. Linda
Linda 06 Aug 2019
Hi Brad, I'm a first time marathon runner and in recent weeks have started to experience discomfort/minor pain in my right leg. There are two particular areas, one is the inner side of my lower leg, it's a dull pain that starts at my ankle and the pain shoots up my lower leg as my foot hits the ground when I'm running. The other area is my outer thigh, the pain shoots up the outside of my leg. The pain is sharpest as my foot hits the ground. I've tried to run slower to lessen the impact but the pain still persists. I'm not sure why this is happening and am hesitant to keep training on it in case it makes it worse or leads to an injury. Do you have any advice on what I should do?
Charlene 03 Aug 2019
Hi Brad, I am a budding runner and have been training for my first Marathon this September. I have done a few half in past 2-3 months. However, off late I can feel the burning sensation in the shins and the calves and when I got checked my GP said the Iron levels are way low and the CPK levels are high so I need to take a break. I do wear orthotics as I suffer from Plantar fasciitis but that has been fine for months using the orthotics and the shoes. However, I am really bad with keeping up with the stretching sessions. I have been off running for a few days now but still that burning sensation in the calves and the shins hasnt gone away completely. What can I do to a) up my iron being vegetarian and b) slowly get back into training?
Jatin 24 Jul 2019
Hi Brad, I fell onto a grass ground on my right knee while playing softball in April. My knee does not look swollen and there is only slight pain on palpation. I did have some issues in straightening my leg and walking on flat grounds for a few days but the range of movement of my knee is totally fine now and I still feel the pain in my right lateral part of my knee while walking stairs, especially when I walk down. I am wondering if there are some problems with my ligaments or even lateral meniscus. Are there something that I can do at this point to confirm the diagnosis or to make sure that my injury won't get more serious? Thanks in advance!
Wing Ki
Wing Ki 21 Jul 2019