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How do you prevent running injuries or get on top a "niggle" fast? Ask our expert Physiotherapists.

Got a question for Brad and the team at Sydney Physio Solutions? Ask them in the comments section below!

 Dr Brad McIntosh and his team at Sydney Physio Solutions are excited to partner with Blackmores again for the 2020 Sydney Running Festival, helping everyone get to the line in good shape! Amazingly, this is the 10th year that Brad and his team have helped out by answering your injury prevention and management questions.

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Hi there,

I'm training for the Bridge Run and I'm getting a tight / painfurl feeling in my hips when road running but not so much when running on a softer surface. Do you have any suggestions for how to avoid or reduce this?
Thanks, B
Hi Brad

I am training for the full marathon and have been going well.
The problem is now that i am doing distances above 25km i get very sore knees.
I bought some arch inner soles which worked on my left foot but seem to push my right foot up to much and is uncomfortable on the outside of my knee.
Any advice on a inbetween solution?
Hi Brad,

What are the best exercises for ITB's?

I do the one lying on the floor with one foot on top of the other knee and pull the lower leg back but that's the only one I know.


Hi there,

I have been training for the half marathon for the last few months, but just yesterday started getting "stiff ankles" when running just doing a short 5km. I have been gradually building up my distances, running four times per week with a combination of 2 short runs, 1 middle distance and 1 long run, so I didn't expect this kind of problem.

My knee has also been a little sore - just a dull ache while cycling, running or going up stairs.

Any ideas what these could be, or any suggestions on preventative measures/stretches?

Many thanks,

Hi there,

I have been training for the half for the past two months and just yesterday I was doing a short 5km run and started to get extremely stiff ankles (it feels muscular). I ran just 7km the day before and I have been running distances up to 13km so far (looking to do a bigger run this weekend), so it is unexpected to get this from such a short run.

Do you have any suggestions as to what this could be, or any stretches that would help.

Many thanks,

Anonymous 28 Aug 2015
Hi there,

I have a good pair of running shoes and have stated training for Blackmores running festival. But after few runs, i am finding bit of muscle tension and pain in long plantar ligament, only on left foot.

Can you advise me please. Thank You

Hello, I often get a pain/che/pulling in my knee when trying to increase my mileage. It only occurs in my right knee, and I have been anecdotally told that it is 'runners knee' or a tighness in my I Band. I have found that to complete a race I have just had to run through the pain, and after sometime it does ease. Do you have any suggestions on how I can prevent this? Many thanks in advance
Hi, I'm recovering from an Achilles tendinitis. Almost there, but is there a way to boost the recovery in the final stages of the process? Stretching? Heat? Massage? If it helps, how could I self-massage the area to improve the recovery time? Thanks a lot in advance