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I have recently developed a strange pain in my calf about halfway up and very close to the shin bone but in the actual muscle. It hurts especially when my foot is turned at an angle to the central alignment. Weirdly though, it doesn't hurt much while I run but it hurts a lot in between runs. I have no idea what could have caused it. Hope you can help!
I've increased my distance to the 20km mark and i did this fine, however two days after I start to increase my distance, my knee is hurting and I can no longer run. I feel a lot of pain under my knee, only running, I can walk just fine & can walk miles (which I've been doing) but when I run, it hurts and I cannot even manage 3ks
I am 69 and a keen runner (app.50k/wk) and have soreness in both knees after I run - it is a general soreness all around the knee - it goes away after a nights sleep but has been occurring for about 12 to 18mths
Hello! I'm a first time messenger.
Basically, I rolled my ankle / could have sprained it in a footy (AFL) game 5 weeks ago. I didn't think much of it at the time, however I noticed that I couldn't get into a jog / run for the next 3 weeks. I have a lot of pain on the inside of the ankle, mostly on the ball bone (if that makes sense). I played a football game on the weekend that just passed, but I pulled up sore and iced at 3 Qtr time. At the moment I'm just taping heavily for games and training and putting on a compression sock when I go to sleep. Walking isn't a problem, it's just when I go to turn or push down hard on the back of my foot I feel pain.

Q: Would you be adverse to me continuing my marathon training now? I feel as though I can get through a game however when it comes to running long distance, it may cause further problems? Please let me know what I can do to manage the issue I have. Thanks!
Hi there! As I have increased the number of kilometres I have been running I have been getting more and more blisters around the medial side of my foot and under my foot just before the arch starts.What can I do get these blisters to heal quickly rather than end up with a blister in a blister. Better still what can I do to avoid getting blisters. Thanks
Hi! I have completed a few half marathons before with minimal training but this time I am actually sticking to a strict training program which started a few months ago and have a few niggles which I was wondering if you could give some advice on. Firstly my calf muscles are constantly aching and tight, recently on a few runs they have really started to feel like they are burning for the first few kilometers and it is very painful, also my shins are constantly sore and tender to touch after running, is there some particular stretching that I can do to help this? Secondly I am getting sore in my upper inside of my left thigh (groin area) on longer runs, and it is very sore for the next few days. Thirdly I have started to get a sore lower back after long runs, think my posture may be bad. Any help and advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!
Good morning...thanks for providing this forum. Three questions,
#1, I've been diagnosed with traumatic muscular fasciitis...what are your thoughts on a cure? I've changed shoes, etc.
#2, toe nail loss, what are your thoughts on cutting out the end of my running shoes to avoid this in the future?
#3, nipple trauma, I've tried bandaids, liquid bandage, etc....nothing seems to prevent bloody nipple...thoughts?

I appreciate your help....see you in Sydney!!!
Hi. I have a niggling hamstring from my gute nearly to the back of my knee. Do I need to see a physio or can I do some stretches at home? Thank you.