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How do you prevent running injuries or get on top a "niggle" fast? Ask our expert Physiotherapists.

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 Dr Brad McIntosh and his team at Sydney Physio Solutions are excited to partner with Blackmores again for the 2020 Sydney Running Festival, helping everyone get to the line in good shape! Amazingly, this is the 10th year that Brad and his team have helped out by answering your injury prevention and management questions.

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Hi - I am finding that I am experiencing ankle pain (I have come back to running post 4 weeks pregnancy and am now at 12 weeks and will be doing the marathon) and have never had this issue before. What is the likely cause and how do i manage it? additionally the pain is also in my left foot (it is on the inside and feels like it is on the bone which is located at a position of about 11 o'clock from the ankle bone). Any advice or help would be very appreciated, rosei
Hi, I keep getting a pain in the top of my foot where the extensor is, every time it starts after about 2-3km and after a while it usually goes away after 1-2 more km and a few short stretching pauses. Sometimes it doesn't and I have to stop running and walk home. Doesn't hurt at all after the run or next day. I've tried switching running shoes and also doing stretching before and after the run but it doesn't seem to change much. Any tips what I might try would be welcome.
Hi there, I am beginning to suffer from I believe piriformis syndrome.. Do you have any suggestions on exercises, stretches etc to manage it until I can rest it after the Marathon?
Hi Brad and the team,

I am currently half way through training for my first half-marathon. Running 4 days a week. Tue 5k, Wed 8k, Thu 5k and 14k this Sat. Each week I intend to bump up the Sat runs and taper off week before for the race. I started to experience issues with my left calf that now hurts when I walk and to some extent when I run. Any ideas what it may be? Or what options I can explore to resolve and or manage this?

Thanks Allan
Hi, if I run for more than approx 10k, my left foot starts to go numb. I have tried relacing my shoes and orthotics to no avail. The shoe is very loose on my foot so not constrained. What is the usual cause for this? Trapped nerve? It's really annoying. It starts with the feeling that my sock is 'bunching' under my foot and gets worse from there and ultimately I am running on a stump and have to stop. I have also tried compression socks. Any thoughts are welcome.
Do you have any tips on dealing with and preventing shin splints? I did the Canberra half-marathon last year and I couldn't run for 10 weeks after that due to posterior shin splints, particularly in my right leg (it wasn't overly agonising, but I didn't want to risk making it worse and getting stress fractures). I recently got back into running over the last two months, doing about 4km at the moment and am about to start the Blackmore's half-marathon training program, but I'm starting to get shin splints again. I've been reading up on improving my form, as I don't think I've really pushed too hard too quickly. Ultimately, I'm obviously doing something wrong and I would like to fix it. I have been running in minimalist shoes (New Balance Minimus) and have a mid-foot strike, for the last three years. Any help would be appreciated.
What is the best thing to help with arthritis and ongoing pain I had a car accident 10 years ago and due to the injures broken femur and brocken and dislocated ankle, i have pain in my and ankle often and have developed spurs in both heels, I wear orthotics but still suffer after a day game of golf ankle ceases up and even if I have been on my feet all day the weight I have gained i would say dosnt help.
I have just discovered a bulging dis on L3/4 impacting on S1 nerve right hand side. I am seeing a physio for exercises and relaxing the QL muscle spasms but was wondering whether I should see a chirp as well as the physio?