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How do you prevent running injuries or get on top a "niggle" fast? Ask our expert Physiotherapists.

Got a question for Brad and the team at Sydney Physio Solutions? Ask them in the comments section below!

 Dr Brad McIntosh and his team at Sydney Physio Solutions are excited to partner with Blackmores again for the 2020 Sydney Running Festival, helping everyone get to the line in good shape! Amazingly, this is the 10th year that Brad and his team have helped out by answering your injury prevention and management questions.

Sydney Physio Solutions is a group of leading Physiotherapy, Pilates and Massage clinics based in the CBD of Sydney.

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I was just wondering what you would suggest as a coping mechanism if my ITB goes mid-race - you know, that whole feeling of a knife in the side of my knee pain. Should I carry a pain killer in my belt and just hope it doesn't make me sick?
I seem to have developed tendonitis in my Achilles. Any tips on recovery and further prevention??