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Ask a Physio

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How do you prevent running injuries? Ask our expert Physiotherapists.

Got a question for Brad and the team at Sydney Physio Solutions? Ask them in the comments section below!

Dr Brad McIntosh and the team at Sydney Physio Solutions have partnered with Blackmores again for the 2019 Sydney Running Festival.  This is the 9th year that Brad and his team of experienced running Physiotherapists have helped out by answering your injury prevention and management questions.

Sydney Physio Solutions is a group of leading Physiotherapy clinics, based in the Sydney CBD and Chatswood.



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Hi Brad, I'm a first time marathon runner and in recent weeks have started to experience discomfort/minor pain in my right leg. There are two particular areas, one is the inner side of my lower leg, it's a dull pain that starts at my ankle and the pain shoots up my lower leg as my foot hits the ground when I'm running. The other area is my outer thigh, the pain shoots up the outside of my leg. The pain is sharpest as my foot hits the ground. I've tried to run slower to lessen the impact but the pain still persists. I'm not sure why this is happening and am hesitant to keep training on it in case it makes it worse or leads to an injury. Do you have any advice on what I should do?
Hi Brad, I am a budding runner and have been training for my first Marathon this September. I have done a few half in past 2-3 months. However, off late I can feel the burning sensation in the shins and the calves and when I got checked my GP said the Iron levels are way low and the CPK levels are high so I need to take a break. I do wear orthotics as I suffer from Plantar fasciitis but that has been fine for months using the orthotics and the shoes. However, I am really bad with keeping up with the stretching sessions. I have been off running for a few days now but still that burning sensation in the calves and the shins hasnt gone away completely. What can I do to a) up my iron being vegetarian and b) slowly get back into training?
Hi Brad, I fell onto a grass ground on my right knee while playing softball in April. My knee does not look swollen and there is only slight pain on palpation. I did have some issues in straightening my leg and walking on flat grounds for a few days but the range of movement of my knee is totally fine now and I still feel the pain in my right lateral part of my knee while walking stairs, especially when I walk down. I am wondering if there are some problems with my ligaments or even lateral meniscus. Are there something that I can do at this point to confirm the diagnosis or to make sure that my injury won't get more serious? Thanks in advance!
Hi Brad, I am in the middle of recovering from a grade 2 hamstring tear which has left me with alot of aching pain (almost 6 weeks out of commission with my usual running routine). I have also had a chronic groin injury that has never really gone away for almost a year. I am seeing a chiro at the moment who is working my hamstrings with dry needling and also some deep tissue massage along with strenght re hab work.. I'm just starting to run again a whooping 6km LOL. interval running 2 mins on 30 seconds brisk walk twice a week along with 1000m pool swim once a week.. What would you suggest as the best way to treat an injury that isn't really going away. Although better not totally recovering. Considering I have city to surf coming up in august and the half almost 4 weeks later. Any and all suggestions welcome. thanks so much. Maria
Hi Brad I have around the inner aspect of me left heel. I believe it’s plantar fasciitis. Would you be able to provide me with some suggestions please. It’s quite painful and has stopped me from training for nearly 3 weeks. Also, if you would be able to provide some taping or strapping techniques that would be great. Thank you Zu
Hi Brad I have pain around the inner aspect of my left heel. I believe it’s similar to plantar fasciitis. Would you be able to provide some suggestions as I am unable to run due to the pain and am missing out on training. Also, if you could guide me with some taping techniques that would be great. Thank you Zu
Hi Brad, I was wondering if there is anything that would help out cramping that i have found hits me at almost the same point during a marathon. At about the 37km to 38km mark I can feel my left quad start to cramp up and this has happened more than a couple of occasions. Fluids and electrolytes is always up so firstly is there any other preventative methods such as physical training and secondly at the time of onset is there anything i can do or use to help alleviate it? Thanks in advanced, Eddy
Hi Brad I have a two part question. Firstly last night while running i felt soreness is my front inner groin which is twice as sore today. When i try lift my leg off the ground i can feel pain in the groin. How long should i allow rest before thinking of running again? Secondly i have been diagnosed with an impinged tendon in my shoulder which just recently has become more frequent with pain on a regular basis. Will certain exercises or stretches help improve the issue or is it some thing i have to live with? Paul