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Ask a Physio

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How do you prevent running injuries? Ask our expert Physiotherapists.

Got a question for Brad and the team at Sydney Physio Solutions? Ask them in the comments section below!

Dr Brad McIntosh and the team at Sydney Physio Solutions have partnered with Blackmores again for the 2019 Sydney Running Festival.  This is the 9th year that Brad and his team of experienced running Physiotherapists have helped out by answering your injury prevention and management questions.

Sydney Physio Solutions is a group of leading Physiotherapy clinics, based in the Sydney CBD and Chatswood.



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Hi Brad, I have been training for the 10k run on the weekend and over the last few days my toes have started aching. not painful per se, more the pain before a cramp sets in. I am taking magnesium and have never had this issue before...any ideas?
Ham 14 Sep 2017
Hey Physio Guru....

I have a few questions for you today....maybe you will be able to help me figure out what I should do. I am due to run the marathon on Sunday.

Here is a summary of my 'issues':
* I had a right calf strain which I have received treatment.
* I am pain free and seemed to have recovered from said injury.
* About 3 weeks ago I bought new running shoes as part of 'fixing' my calf problem.
* I have returned running with tape on my calf. Initially this helped but in the past week it doesn't seem to make a huge amount of physical difference. In saying that I have not put in any long km in the past week.
* Prior to injury, I used compression sleeves on my calves for all long runs.
* Right toes are getting pins and needles after approx. 3km in new shoes.

* Should I wear the old shoes or new shoes?
* Wear compression sleeves or get calf taped?
* Any other suggestions?

Leanne 14 Sep 2017
Hey Brad,
So about two weeks ago I had a grade two tear in my soleus down near my achilles. I've been to my local physio about four or five times since, and have gone from barely able to walk to having my first tentative jog today.
Here we are about ten days out from event day, and I'll hopefully get another one or two training runs in, hopefully without hurting myself!
My physio thinks I'm a good shot at still competing in the half marathon, but it's a long distance (for me) with muscle fatigue a big factor. Just not sure if it's complete folly to try or not.
What are your thoughts?
Peter 08 Sep 2017
Hi Brad
I have been running without injury or pain for the last five years and have completed three half marathons without any concern. In the last two months I have changed my running shoes and also done some trail running - not sure if either of those has anything to do with it but lately after running a few KMs I get pressure/tightening in my right knee and then it is very stiff and painful (not agonizing but not right either). Any advice on the cause and what I should be doing between now and the race would help...
Sally 06 Sep 2017
Hi Brad, I am currently training for the half marathon in a couple weeks time, this will be my first half although I have done a few city to surfs. lately after my run I have had a dull aching pain around the ankle upwards on my right leg.. Not enough that I feel I can't run but enough to make me aware I have something not wrong. Is there something I can do to help the healing so that I can keep running up until the half, currently I am doing a 6.5km run on tuesday, same again on thursday and saturday an 18km run. Any advice would be helpful. thank you
Maria 31 Aug 2017
Hi Brad,

I have had ongoing issues with my hip flexor and getting pain down the inside of my thigh. This has all started after training for the half marathon at the start of the year. For the past 5 years or so I have run in Brooks Ravenna's. However, this year I bought the Ravenna 7's and am not sure if the shoe could have contributed to this injury or if it was just a lack of stretching, overuse (increasing distance too fast) and poor posterior muscle strength. Would I be best to consult my physio about if I am wearing the correct shoes or would going to say the athletes foot where they do the imaging would do it?

Thank you
Britney 28 Aug 2017
Hi Brad
I have been training for the marathon and have been going really well until last Thursday. I was washing up and dropped a knife and quickly pulled my foot back, bending at the knee as though I was going to kick a soccer ball, so the knife did not land on it. at the time I felt a twinge under the glute but did not think anything more about it. On Friday I tried to run and could not run because of the pain under my glute up near the bone. I have rested and iced the area over the weekend and when running for the bus this morning the pain and restriction is still there. Are there any stretches, exercises of the like that I could do to be able to run the marathon?
Thanks so much
Andrew 28 Aug 2017
Hi Brad,
I have multiple sclerosis and one of my symptoms is foot drop. I wear a carbon-fiber ankle-foot orthotic to keep my foot in dorsiflexion. It is great to run without fear of falling, but it changes my gait and I often have joint and tendon pain on long runs. Reoccurring issues are plantar fasciitis and IT band problems. I know it is too late to make any changes before the marathon, so my question is about kinesio tape. Do you use it with your patients and do you have demonstration videos?
Thank you in advance for your input!
Cheryl 26 Aug 2017