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How do you prevent running injuries or get on top a "niggle" fast? Ask our expert Physiotherapists.

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 Dr Brad McIntosh and his team at Sydney Physio Solutions are excited to partner with Blackmores again for the 2020 Sydney Running Festival, helping everyone get to the line in good shape! Amazingly, this is the 10th year that Brad and his team have helped out by answering your injury prevention and management questions.

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Hello Dr McIntosh, and team! I've had some some lateral knee pain on and off for some years, pretty much always on the side of the knees while descending on technical trails. I've been able to manage this with regular glute activation exercises and foam rolling before my runs. Recently though, I have started to notice some grizzliness under my my left kneecap on long climbs, which ia a new, unfamiliar and unwelcome pain/annoyance! Do you have any thoughts as to what might be causing this? I have been taking fish oil and glucosamine supplements to see if this helps, and also paying more attention to quad stretching, but it doesn't seem to be making a huge amount of difference. Any advice you can offer is most welcome!
Hi! I have joint hypermobility, which is particularly bad in my ankles. I'm wanting to start running and wondering what sorts of preventative action I could take to avoid any running based injuries? Thank you!
Hello, My hamstring on the left side that runs to my knee feels like its pinching, especially when I go up hills and run. I am doing bridges to strengthen my butt muscle and only walking at present. I was doing triathlons and parkrun last year but have stopped since having this problem which I thought was sciatica? Will running worsen the issue or should I see a physio?
Hi Dr Brad and team! Apart from a weekly 2-3km run, I'm a beginner who has aims to run the 10K this year :). Being on the heavier side, I do get a sharp pain in my left knee after high-impact activity like running and other heavy cardio, however this is manageable and my trainers have advised that weight loss will play a role in easing stress on the knees. A physio advised that my ITB is very tight and I've tried foam rolling as well. Is there any way I should be protecting the knee as I embark on the 10K run program? I've tried wearing a knee sleeve but find it pretty uncomfortable. Any guidance is so appreciated, so thank you in advance!
Hi Brad, I was diagnosed with mild hip chondrosis a few weeks ago. As recommended by a sports physician, I took a few days off training and decreased mileage sensibly. I’m currently running half the mileage I used to run and cross-training. I do MYRTL routines to strengthen my glutes and noticed a bit of clicking lately. Should that be a concern and what would you recommend to speed up recovery?
I have just fractured my ankle 3 weeks ago after falling on a run, can I still complete a marathon in September?
Hi Brad . I’ve been following the online training for the 10km this weekend. After my run on Saturday I have pain to my left outer knee and a general ache in my quad on same side. I’m hesitant to train anymore this weekend just incase I have something brewing.... what do you advise? TIA
Hi Brad, Hope you are well. I am training for the half marathon and just this week I have been getting a full ache in the heel of my foot. When I run I run heel toe. However I am not sure this is the correct and durable way to run. I use to be a sprint runner and have now moved into long distance so I am very new to this style of running. Do you know what I should do to fix this? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you and kind regards, Kate