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Ask a Physio

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How do you prevent running injuries? Ask our expert Physiotherapists.

Got a question for Brad and the team at Sydney Physiotherapy Solutions? Ask them in the comments section below!

Dr Brad McIntosh and the team at Sydney Physiotherapy Solutions have partnered with Blackmores again for the 2018 Sydney Running Festival.  This is the 8th year that Brad and his team of experienced running Physiotherapists have helped out by answering your injury prevention and management questions.

Sydney Physiotherapy Solutions is a group of leading Physiotherapy clinics, based in the Sydney CBD and Chatswood.



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Hi Brad,
I have been following the training plan for my first half marathon . It has been a great help and up until about 10 days ago I have had no problems . My times and fitness have been improving but I have now developed right hip pain . This pain is present when walking ( intermittently ) or running ( every time) and presents deep in the joint when the leg is under load i.e. weight bearing rather than as I stride. If I stand on one leg and "bounce" on this leg it hurts .
I have followed same routine of warm ups and post exercise stretching through out and this is not helping to alleviate this pain . This week I ran on Tuesday for 6 kms and it hurt on the hip for the first 4 kms . Not sure if it really disappeared or I just got used to it .
I don't want to miss out on training but don't want to make an injury much worse also.

Any advice would be appreciated

Thx David
David 25 Aug 2017
Hi Brad,
I have developed a calf strain and a high glute problem both on my right side. I am getting treatment and doing some cross training (riding and swimming) while I get treated but I am wondering if I need to replace my shoes. I am also getting major blisters during every run on the inside area of the top of my archway. I alternate between 2 pairs, both trail shoes, the main pair purchased in February which I have done 4 half marathons and a 37km trail run in. The alternate pair I bought second hand last year as a try with trail shoes which I have done a marathon in January in. Tread both look okay on both but would the structure of the shoes be contributing to my injuries?
Your thoughts are most appreciated on the subject,
Leanne 25 Aug 2017
Hi Brad,
Over the past month or so I have been getting a sore right ankle (inside of ankle) after running, it is tender to touch and hurts to walk. I have been icing it regularly and trying to take it a bit easy on my runs but won't seem to go away,what do you think is the cause and what can I do?

Also sometimes (like after this mornings run!) the base of my heel it sore and hurts to walk on (same foot), could this be the same problem causing this?

Linc 25 Aug 2017
Hi Brad,
I have a bit of a history of ITB inflammation and hamstring strains. What exercises should I be doing to strengthen this area to prevent any flare-ups?
Kate 17 Jun 2017
Hi There. When I walk down stairs, my right ankle hurts (quite a bit). I can't really put much weight on it. It is worse after running.
Thank you
John 14 Jun 2017
Hi Brad,

I have regular pain in my glute medius and mid back after running, mostly left side, regardless of distance or pace. I have been running half marathons for about 15 years, and this has worsened in the last 5 years.

I also have an imbalance on my right side of my body, which I've been advised is a result of heavier foot striking on the right foot. I now find it much harder to balance when standing on my right foot, rather than my left foot. The imbalance is likely contributing to the glute medius and mid back pain i.e. left side muscles being over -recruited when running, due to weaker right side

I do plenty of stretching, yoga, massage and lower body strength work e.g lunges, squats, plus some basic balances twice per week e.g standing on one foot and raising and lowering other foot.

Are there any other activities you can recommend to strengthen the right side, improve the balance, and thus hopefully reduce the glute meidus and mid back pain?

Thanks very much
jamie 14 Jun 2017
This is my first official run I've ever signed up for (yay!), but have been a recreational runner for years. A little background info, I have sciatica (more pain on left side) but it is manageable.

In June, I went on a run in a pair of improper running shoes and felt something snap in my knee. I kept running until there was a burning sensation. Ever since this, the pain has not quite gone away. I get a stabbing, weak, dislocated feeling under my left knee cap if I run for a long period of time or am not running light on my feet.

I really do not know what is actually wrong with the knee, and would love to know how to manage this pain or how to aid in healing my knee. Also, is there any sort of training that I should avoid with such knee pain?

I would really appreciate your advice, thank you so much.

Molly 03 Sep 2016
I am training for the Blackmores Sydney Marathon. I have been following the Marathon Beginner Training Program.

In the last couple of weeks I have started to get soreness along the edge of the tibia in the left leg. This is in the lower section (posteromedial shin splints) of the lower leg probably where the soleus muscle connects to the tibia on the inside of the leg (…but I do not pretend that I have good anatomy knowledge). In the last week this soreness is still apparent after running.

It is a bit weird, because it comes and goes during running. Especially during a long run, it will disappear after a while – I assume once the blood flow to the area gets going good and proper that probably assists.

Anyway, at this stage I do not want to stop training for any extended amount of time given that it is only a bit over 4 weeks out from the event. At the same time I do not want to do anything to make the situation worse. I would like to find a way to manage the situation through until after the event.

I assume that the best way of managing is probably to just ice the area after running. Anything else?

I would appreciate your advice. Thank you.
Matthew 19 Aug 2016