Blackmores Wellbeing Team

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Find inspiration from our expert team and take action to look after your wellbeing in 2017.

Blackmores Wellbeing Team

Wellbeing tip- The 10 minute workout

Think you need to workout for hours to get results? Think again! Find out how to get the most out of your fitness routine from Blake Worrall-Thompson.

Wellbeing tip- Pre-workout nutrition

Are you eating the right food before you exercise? Find out how to fuel your body to workout at its best from Sarah Stevenson.

Wellbeing tip- Mindful rituals

How do you stay relaxed in a fast-paced world? Find out how to find your calm with daily mindful rituals from Kate Kendall.

Wellbeing tip- Core strength

Find out how to best build your core strength from Blake Worrall-Thompson.

Wellbeing tip- Post-workout nutrition

Find out all you need to know from Sarah Stevenson about how to refuel and replenish after your workout.

Wellbeing tip- Mindful breathing

A super easy, do anywhere breathing exercise from Kate Kendall to help you stress less and stay calm.