Being More Mindful in 3 Steps

3 steps action plan
Mindfulness will allow you to sharpen your perceptions, be calmer and enhance your creative powers.

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Being More Mindful in 3 Steps

Mindfulness is the ability to bring your awareness to the present moment- your thoughts, feelings, what’s going on in your body and the environment around you.

Stopping your mind from racing with thoughts about the past or the future helps to honour the present moment, and strengthens the connection with your body and mind. Reducing tension in the mind is also said to help release tension in the body.

Mindfulness, and focusing on the now, is a skill you can develop – sign-up to our 3 step action plan and get started today on your path to being more mindful.

Time to complete

  • 3 weeks


  • Stress less
  • Better focus and clarity
  • Improved sleep


The way you use social media may impact negatively on your wellbeing. Mindless use of social networks means we can spend hours online and not even notice the time passing.

Meditate for at least 5 minutes once a day.

Meditation can help you to stress less, improve your concentration and even helps to support digestion and heart health.

How often are you mindlessly rushing through all your tasks in a day, without stopping to focus on what you are actually doing?

Mindful activity involves really paying attention and being completely engaged in what you are doing, when you're doing it.

Bring calm and presence into your daily life with more mindful activity.

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