Boost Your Immune Health in Time for Winter

3 steps action plan
How making a few small changes can help boost your odds of staying well in winter.

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Boost Your Immune Health in Time for Winter

Winter is known for being the time you’re more likely to be sick – but we’re going to throw that perception upside down.

In this action plan, you’ll learn to eat especially for winter health, get your body moving despite the cold weather, and set up a life that supports your wellbeing.

After three weeks of simple tweaks to your lifestyle, you’ll be giving yourself the best shot to steer clear of colds and maintain your wellbeing in winter.

Time to complete

  • 3 weeks


  • Optimal wellbeing
  • Lowered duration of colds and flu
  • Improved fitness
  • Improve your diet


Eating well is the number one way to give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Snacks and meals that are packed with nutritious vegetables are a great start to boosting your immune system. It’s also important to plan your food ahead of time, so you can reach for the good stuff that will keep you well.

In Week 1, we help you make small changes that will have a big impact on your winter wellbeing. 
It’s cold outside, that’s true. And it’s so tempting to curl up inside your warm home with a hot coffee in hand.

But that can wait. (A little hibernation is coming, promise!) First, it’s time to get moving, get outside for your daily dose of vitamin D and nourish your immune system.

Week 2 will get you feeling as fit as a fiddle for winter.
We asked you to wait for the hibernation stage, and now we’re delivering.

As promised, Week 3 is time to rest up, stay warm and be gentle with yourself. It’s all in the name of living a lifestyle that’s good for your wellbeing, so we’re focusing on lowering stress, reducing inflammation and, yes, sleeping.

It’s all part of a balanced action plan to help you get through winter feeling healthy and ready for anything life throws at you.

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