Fire up your fitness

4 steps action plan
Take your health and fitness training to the next level.

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Fire up your fitness

If you already have a solid level of existing fitness, our four-week Fire-it-up Fitness Action Plan has you in mind. 

Learn how to avoid complacency with your workouts and set new goals and challenges. Monitor your results more accurately in order to stay motivated.

We’ll also look at how eating for energy and will help you fine-tune your diet and make better culinary choices to maximise results.

Plus, we’ve got good recovery tips so you can keep training hard and avoid injury.

Plan, achieve, reward.

With those three factors in mind, let’s get your motor running…

And good luck!

Time to complete

  • 4 weeks


  • Improved fitness
  • Healthier diet
  • Positive mindset
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Measurable results


Having clear direction will keep you focused.

To avoid letting your fitness level plateau, set a new goal or challenge to achieve. It could involve working towards an event like a marathon or ocean swim and achieving a personal best time.

Find your purpose: do you want to get stronger, run faster or improve your flexibility? Having a clear direction to focus on will help keep you motivated.

Get healthy eating tips, tricks and recipes to help fuel your workouts

You can’t train effectively without decent petrol in the tank. High-intensity exercise calls for good nutritional choices. Refuel and replenish depleted energy level and aid your muscle recovery by choosing mainly plant foods rich in antioxidants.

Plus, we’ve included links for easy-to-follow recipes to make healthy eating even easier.

Learn the importance of rest and recuperation, plus how to keep going when you find your motivation waning.

No-one wants to be all work and no play: it’s important to rest and recuperate when training hard.

Discover effective recovery tools such as hydrotherapy and the occasional sports massage. Go on. You deserve it (plus it may help prevent injury).

It’s easy for fitness levels to plateau, especially if you’re doing the same activities week after week. Throw in interval training – short, sharp bursts of hard-core, high-intensity exercise and watch your fitness levels soar.

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