3 Step Plan on How To Live More Sustainably

4 steps action plan
Jump on the path to a greener, lighter life. With a few clever tweaks you can deliver huge benefits to your health and to the environment.

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3 Step Plan on How To Live More Sustainably

To feel better, live in greater harmony with the world around you, eat healthier food and make a difference to the planet, green living – with a focus on sustainable practices – is one of the most positive steps you can take. 

The challenging news is that it’s crunch-time for the global environment in terms of the urgency with which these changes are needed. 

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) found that Australians have the 13th largest ecological footprint per citizen and that 3.6 planets would be needed if the rest of the world were to live
as we do. 

The good news is that we’ve never been wiser to the best ways to reduce our environmental impact. We have the technology, the know-how and the means. All we need is the will.

The choices you make are truly important. What’s more, they have the power to motivate others around you. 

Sign up to our 4-step action plan and get started today on setting up your sustainable life – one that enlivens your wellbeing and helps you tread more gently on the earth. 

Time to complete

  • 4 weeks


  • Eat healthier
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced waste contribution
  • Supporting environmentally responsible businesses and producers
  • Contributing to curbing global warming


Household food waste and single-use packaging, such as takeaway coffee cups and food containers, place some of the biggest burdens on Australia’s landfill. 

Start composting at home and invest in reusable crockery, containers, cups and bottles to reduce your waste. 

Save up to 20% off your energy bill by turning off appliances that you’re not using. Make a further improvement by switching to energy efficient light globes. 

Learn to choose whitegoods that chew through less power and pick an energy retailer that offers green energy supply. 

Some of the most powerful sustainability statements are made when you’re at the shops. Opt for brands that offer fair wages for food produced and those whose farming employs sustainable practices. 

Commit to eating less meat to lower the associated methane emissions that contribute to global warming – instead sub in vegetarian alternatives. 

To reduce your ‘food miles’, boost your health and create a closer connection with what you’re eating, grow your own food on your balcony or in your backyard. 

Support local growers by visiting farmers’ markets and eat the freshest food in season right now.

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