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7 hints for happiness

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Life is not a dress rehearsal- try these tips to bring happiness into your everyday life.

1. Cuddle a pet

Pets give unconditional love and will always come back for more affection.

2.Play music

Listen to uplifting music – have a listen to Jimmy Durante sing "You gotta start off each day with a song" – that will make you smile!

3. Laugh out loud

Don't suppress your laughter – make it loud and long.

4. Do community or volunteer work

It can be personally very satisfying to assist someone in need.

5. Buy yourself flowers

Brighten up your chosen space with fresh flowers- enjoy the fragrance and boost your mood and wellbeing with colour.

6. Light fragrant candles

This will give you something to enjoy – smell is a wonderful sense and we should use it more.

7. Learn to Meditate

Get rid of the negative thoughts and replace them with calm, peaceful thoughts.