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Probiotics for the kids

Probiotics for the kids

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With the importance of gut health for overall wellbeing currently taking centre stage, a popular question parents are asking is “will my kid benefit from probiotics?”

Reminder: what are probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that inhabit the digestive tract. They support healthy digestion, immunity and help reduce the growth of potentially harmful organisms. 

Sources of probiotics include fermented foods, cultured milk, yogurt and buttermilk. You can read more about probiotics here .

How can children benefit from probiotics?

In the womb, a baby's gastrointestinal tract does not contain bacteria - good or otherwise. 

Babies obtain their community of bacteria from a number of sources, including the mother's vaginal tract (through delivery), the mother's skin and breastfeeding. 

Establishing the right balance of bacteria can be challenged in many ways. The community of bacteria may not be formed properly in the first instance; or imbalances can result from the use of certain medications or, as the child gets older, through dietary choices. 

We know that good nutrition and a balanced diet are the first steps to a healthy gut  and intestinal bacterial balance.

But if your kids are going through a period of fussy eating or are not overly keen on your offering of probiotic-rich foods a probiotic supplement  formulated just for them may be suitable. 

Probiotic supplementation may help to balance healthy gut bacteria in kids. A probiotic supplement may also help to support a child's immune health.

Prevention is better than cure

It’s a fact of life that kids in day care are more susceptible to colds and flu because they are in close contact with other kids on a regular basis. 

Encouraging your kids to adopt good habits like washing their hands and covering their mouth when they cough with the crook of their arm or sleeve will help to prevent the spread of germs.

A healthy diet, active play and fresh air and a healthy, balanced gut will help support kid’s immune health. 

A probiotic supplement may help to reduce the frequency and duration of colds and may reduce the number of days absent from preschool due to colds. 

Top 5 probiotic benefits for children

  • May support the body’s natural defences and maintain immune system function
  • May reduce the frequency and duration of cold symptoms
  • May reduce the numbers of days absent from preschool due to colds
  • Maintain digestive health
  • Maintain daily wellbeing