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Read the latest articles and be inspired with healthy eating ideas you can whip up at home with your daily dose of health and wellbeing news

How do you handle the stress of a PHD

Discover how to manage the stress of pursuing a PhD, a challenging yet rewarding opportunity to contribute to your passion. Get tips for a stress-free doctoral journey.

How to Choose a Prenatal Vitamin & Why It Matters?

It is very common for pregnant mothers to need to lean on a prenatal vitamin during this time. Explore the different types and find the best one for you.

Stress management tips for university students

Attending university can be an exciting, but somewhat daunting experience. Learn how to manage your stress well when your study load & college life gets to you.

Fuel your morning like a pro athlete for immune strength and energy

Explore morning routine components that can help fuel your body for immune strength and immunity, like pro-athletes do to help set up for peak performance.

The power of music for stress relief

Music greatly enhances feelings of calm and tranquillity. Explore how your favourite tunes can help you beat the blues.

Strengthen Your Support Network to Reduce Stress

Research has shown that healthy and supportive social networks can enhance resilience to stress and are associated with better health, physically and mentally.

Christmas Snowballs

These fuss-free snowballs are simple to make, whip them up with just one bowl and no need for a food processor! Packaged up in glass jars with a touch of red ribbon, they are great gifts to make on a budget.

Festive Chocolate Bark

Our festive Christmas bark makes the perfect holiday treat that can be prepared in just a matter of minutes! With just three simple steps to follow, it makes for a great kid-friendly recipe and get them into the kitchen, helping out with all the fun.

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