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How to feed your new puppy

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Are you enjoying the company of a new furry friend? If so, you'll be basking in the glow that only a cute new puppy can bring. But there's lots to learn to give your pup a great start in life, including making sure they get the right nutrition. Here are some handy feeding tips to keep your puppy in tip-top condition.

Keep your pup's batteries charged

With their endless energy, puppies need almost double the energy intake of adult dogs. Puppies thrive on a quality balanced diet that’s high in protein (around 25-30%). There are many commercially available foods (or you can create your own puppy diet), but ask your vet’s advice about what’s best for your puppy’s breed and circumstances. And keep an eye on how your puppy responds – a good diet means he or she will be playful, have a shiny coat and firm brown droppings.

Don’t overfeed your pup

Although puppies grow up fast, they shouldn’t grow up too quickly. Overfeeding them can lead to problems with bone growth, particularly in medium, large or giant breeds. Puppies of these breeds should have two or three measured-out meals per day to help them grow at the right rate. For small breeds (e.g. those with an adult weight less than about 10 kg), free-choice feeding is generally okay – small breeds tend to develop good eating habits as puppies and only eat what they need.

Watch your pup’s weight

Just like humans, being overweight increases the risk of health problems like arthritis, diabetes or heart disease. Your vet can weigh your puppy each visit – if your puppy is carrying too much weight, you may need to limit what or how much they eat.

The trick of treating

Treats for your puppy can help with training or strengthen the bond between you, but treats shouldn’t make up more than about 5% of their daily energy intake. You can also reward them with something that’s tasty but also good for them. Try this Doggy bliss balls recipe which is quick and easy to make, and are a delicious and healthy treat for your furry friend.

Foods to avoid

Some foods are harmful to dogs, so avoid chocolate, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, avocados, large amounts of dairy foods, caffeine or salty foods. To support your puppy’s gastrointestinal health, PAW DigestiCare 60 contains multiple strains and species of beneficial probiotics in a tasty powder that can be sprinkled over their food. It’s also great for puppies with upset tummies from stress, dietary problems or travel.

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