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Pets need exercise too

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Just like humans, our pets need to keep an eye on their weight and stay in shape to help them live longer and to manage conditions such as Osteoarthritis.

Choose exercise you both enjoy

Walking or jogging, playing in the park with a ball, swimming, and agility classes are just some of the fun pet exercise options you can both participate in, which are not only good for your pet, but good for you too!

Pace yourself

If exercise is not something you have both done in a while, you and your pet should ease into a regular regime. Start with 15‐20 minutes of light activity, such as walking or throwing a ball in the park, then slowly build up to 30‐40 minutes, 4 times a week. You should gauge the intensity of the exercise by how your dog is responding to the change in their daily routine, and tailor it accordingly.

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Go gentle on the joints

If your pet is suffering from a joint condition such as arthritis, or is older and finds walking a challenge, then an alternative form of exercise to consider is swimming as there is no‐impact of their joints and it will still give them a great work out.

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Exercising is a chance to bond

Simply throwing a ball in the park for your dog will provide plenty of exercise or enrolling your pet in an obedience or agility class can provide great exercise for you both! Not only will it provide you with the benefits of exercise, but also give your dog mental stimulation and social interaction with other dogs.

Make the most of this time with your dog and have fun exercising and keeping in shape together!

Always consult with your veterinarian before starting your pet on any new exercise program.